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Monday, June 15, 2009

Welcome to pAtAla . . .

pAtAla n. (rarely m. ; ifc. f. %{A} ; perhaps fr. 2. %{pAta} as %{antarAla} fr. %{antar} ; cf. Un2. i , 116) one of the 7 regions under the earth and the abode of the Na1gas or serpents and demons (cf. RTL. 102 n. 1 &c. ; sometimes used as a general N. for the lower regions or hells ; in MBh. also N. of a town in the serpent-world) , Arun2Up. MBh. Ka1v. &c. ; an excavation , hole in the earth MBh. ; she submarine fire L. ; (in astrol.) the fourth house Var. ; N. of a Tirtha Cat. ; m. = %{yantra} blow L. ; (in astron.) N. of Jupiter's year of 361 days ; (in music) a kind of measure ; N. of the attendant of the 14th Arhat of present Ava-sarpin2i1.(Cologne Sanskrit Online Lexicon)

According to at least one source I have read, ancient Indians (i.e., people from India) called this land that most know as America Patala. The Nagas were a people associated with Cobras and the Himalayas as well as with the species of snake proper. Nagpur is a city in India namesake to same.

Nah-big, O'Odham (Arizona native tribe) word for water-siphon.
Nag-beg, Kashmiri term for water siphons named after water-serpent deity.

Vah-Mat, O'Odham word for snake.
Veh-Mar, Sanskrit, "poinonous snake."

Did this land belong to the snake people? Is America's first name that of an underworld realm? Likely existed some earlier appelations, though the term pAtAla used to refer to America makes sense if'n the snake tribes were the ones from India to colonize here, as seemingly can be traced by words still spoken on the lips of many tribes of Native American Indians.

These factors at least add other dimensions to consider regarding this land, to contemplate related to these two connected continents these days called North and South America.


Thoughts on the transformation of America/pAtAla and worldwide . . . and tantra everywhere as true and pure.

A nigh constant refiguring and mentally configuring against or at least an interacting with arrangements devised in some other mind, subtly influencing me to one ends or another. I imagine and seek to transform vibrations of what I experience to correspond to a rendering that makes this into proper love-play rather than tyrannyor treachery.

And in my mind—when clearly arraigned—I find it is myself as Self in relationship with Devi that is engaged in dance and romance to find a space of bliss and transformation, ananda and zav. And what a number of lovely manifestations of Devi I seem to be devoted to quite naturally, as I believe the whole world is truly caught up in this tumultuous divine love-play of Deva and Devi.

Manifest through and of all natural elements to my proper mind’s eye, She is here and there, sometimes welcoming and even seducing, and it seems at others she is cruel—with, I’d assume, an intention to heal and transform as best we might by acting in concert as eternal consorts, to bring about a dissemination of blessedness to the world, even if sometimes in destructive dance, all manifest at time right—Rta-kAla, and with deep consideration of the means and modes effects and affects on others, here and there. She and I are progressing towards some meeting whence we decide to stay together, to be lovers for more than the few weeks. And eventually (and sorta already) eternally.

And all the while it seems especially of late that others, illusory and real, have wish to play more than an external role in my minds meeting with muse and music, finding a voice in my internal schema and imaginings to try to influence or test or merely harass. A function of some layers of yoga, I might imagine to make internalizing of conflicts formerly assumed disparate the better--a function of the Beloved making me make things better [else perhaps sometimes darkly rendered as jealousy amongst deities]. Better as some hopeful playful romantic lila with a happy ending, better than Much Ado . . .

A function of devotion to Devi is my best and most natural rendering of lila. This recognition of the divine in everyday interactions transforms these things seen in person or in media or heard tell of by some random stranger or friend into but part of some deep tantric madness, but spoken with a smile instead of a terrible and wrathful visage ready to slay demons. Goddess, and Goddesses, and God and Gods, playing out what is foreordained to be but a best means to maintain, whilst creating, destroying too, and all the while for a blessed life and love that is sat cid ananda, and then some—pure, see?

No, tantric ain’t just or primarily two people fucking—or is it? Deva-Devi, sometimes in coitus perfectly such that sattva would manifest throughout creation and procreative activity, and thus prana life-force pulsing purely through the interactions of both high and low with perfect order and compassionate transformation and tapasia nyAyatas, purifying fire as is proper and just, and zav—to transform.

Yet always She is near . . . too.

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