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Monday, January 25, 2010

Mayan 2012 Thing . . .

Alright, so the Mayan Prophecy of 2012 has become a rather big deal in the apocalyptic frenzy's been goin on lately. As the Y2K bug turned out to be a mere dust mite on the world's supercomputers' micro-processors, and the left-behind thing's been done to death and ought to have been left behind after however many purportedly auspicious years of the supposed rapture and tribulation came and went (666 CE, 1000 CE, etc.), Om Supreme forgot that the proper pronunciation is AUM(ñ), and so forth, the Mayan Calendar's end (i.e., the Mayan "Long Count" calendar's cessation) has now become the big thing for those lookin' for an out of the everyday, and a "big change."

Well, I ain't an expert, and in fact have only a cursory knowledge of this now fashionable eschatological day to end the days of our lives . . . or at least to make for a big change.

Disaster? Death and destruction? Cataclysm?

Alright, so the date definitely has some cosmic significance. For one, this really hot woman who used to be a barista at a coffeehouse I have frequented over the years who I fell for bigtime turns forty on the December 21, 2012, the date that ends the Long Count calendar, baktun 13 and all that. She kinda dissed me after we hung out in Montreal for a whiles (a somewhat censored account of our time shared--out of respect for her--is in Memories and Musings of a Post-Postmodern Nomadic Mystic Madman, hopefully soon to be published and available at independent booksellers near you), though many factors are involved I shant here discuss . . . Also of note, a woman who used to be my girlfriend and traveling companion for about eight moons is painted topless over a Mayan (or is it Aztec?) calendar at the Aztec Cafe in Santa Fe, an officially designated "Cutting-Edge Art-space" coffeehouse which is purportedly one of the central vortexes in said New Age center (by the way, the face is quite inaccurate, though the hair and breasts are pretty darned good depictions).

Anyhow, of other significances, the sun and our earth's wobble and the center of the galaxy align, something happens only every 26,000 years. Might be some sorta exchange between sun and earth and the center of the galaxy, and maybe of a mirroring solar system on the other side would be my guess (with all the signs of interdimensional flux I've seen evidenced in my personal life, I sometimes wonder if'n I haven't been bouncing back and forth between the two sides of the center of the galaxy already!!).

Another significant something I have noticed is that India's Goddess of Illusion, Maya, is clearly mirrored in the name of the Mayan people. Their pyramids are strikingly similar, and as I've noted in another post "Maybe Columbus Found India After All: Traces of India Amongst American 'Indians,'" the Aztecs seem clearly to derive their name from the Sanskrit (India's sacred language) "Astika":

1 Astika mf(%{I})n. (fr. %{asti} , `" there is or exists "' Pa1n2. 4-2 , 60) , one who believes in the existence (of God , of another world , &c.) ; believing , pious , faithful MBh. Ya1jn5. Sus3r. ; m. = %{AstIka} q.v.
(Cologne Digital Sanksrit Lexicon)

etc.; Judaism, Christianity and Islam derive from the Persons of the Hindu Trimurti, Brahma, Vishnu and Siva and their Better Halves, respectively (see post, "Hidden Origins of the West"); the Zulu's worship a deity derived from Siva's offspring Skanda (see, "Sanskrit and...Somali?"), Pasupati (an early version of Siva) and the European Horned God are analogous ("Mind Your P's and Q's"), Skandanavia (Vikings and such) obviously contains reference to Skanda, etc.

And check this out from the last page of what has come to be called the "Dresden Codex", one of the most important keys to the Mayan Prophecy. All I gotta do is say, check out the picture painted, depicting a pale of water bein' dumped on some dude's head which some have claimed means a great flood will come and suchlikes, and compare this with the depiction of a very well known Indian myth (i.e., myth from the Indian subcontinent):

Decent of Ganga on the head of Siva!!!

Ganga traditionally depicted with a water pot, not at all unlike the picture on the last page of the so-called "Dresden Codex." Notice Ganga's vehicle, a crocodile? Notice also the so-called serpent above the woman in the Mayan depiction--it's got legs, its a bloody croc!!!

One of the big problems with Western historical/cultural scholarship is that they decided back in the nineteenth or early twentieth century to deny the dispersion theory of culture--largely because they realized the dispersion didn't come from where they wanted it too, would be my guess. Thus they tried to deny the essential unity of peoples of different colors and continents, and the clear fact that cultures of the world's people rather recently (largely) flowed out of a land of dark-skinned and dark-haired folks, i.e., India.

I note this not to detract from the beauty, ingenuity, and self integrity of the world's variegated peoples and cultures. Rather, this is noted to affirm a basic unity with a full recognition of diversity, and a coherence to the greater story that includes all the world!!!

Now I shall not contend that something of real significance is not going to occur on December 21, 2012. The alignments described are certainly significant, supposing the astronomical info. is indeed correct. Point I am trying to make here is that these foretellings cannot be taken out of the context of the greater scenario of world history, which does indeed maintain sacred significance and the integrity of a super-huge epic plot, with innumerable subplots which all come from the same inception(s) and shall certainly come to a same confluence(s). Live life beautifully and with integrity and compassion and justice here and now, and come what may, chances are you'll make it to whatever other side just fine.

Namaste, In Lak'ech (Mayan greeting meaning essentially the same), etc.!!!

Jeffrey Charles Archer
Dilettante Extraordinaire

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