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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Brahma's Boy Abe and Tube Steak Tips . . .

History is important.  To forget the past, though not ensuring its repetition as the adage contends, does mean lessons which should have been learned will be lost, that wisdoms of past generations or ages will not be available to help solve problems of today.  To intentionally obscure or alter the historical record proves even more potentially disastrous, and lies, institutional and otherwise, foment dysfunction whether immediate of deferred.

So here’s the gist of the truth of one extremely current and pertinent issue which has been quite intentionally obscured and hidden and striken from the historical record and especially from the curriculum taught in schools from grade school through graduate school, a tale twistedly told in history books and Sunday school classes which has been edited to no small degree to hide certain very pertinent truths:

So there was this dude called Abram, later known as Abraham.  He and his crew came out of a place called Ur of the Chaldese sometime around 1900 bce, according to his descendants record of it.  This is about the time archaeologist contend was about the end of that very advanced early civilization known as Indus Valley Civilization and Harrapan Culture (3500bce-1900bce).  The land he came from was largely Hindu (though that particular term didn’t come about till much later), and he was seemingly named after the Creator aspect of God in that land, who was and is called Brahma, or some derivation of said Deity’s name.  Abraham married this chick named Sarai, who is clearly analogous to Saraswati, Consort to Brahma.  Brahma and Saraswati, Abraham and Sarai, get it?!  Sarai had a handmaiden named Haggar who Abraham fucked and made pregnant ‘cuz Sarai seemingly couldn’t get pregnant.  The Arab people claim descent from Haggar’s son Ishmael.  There is a river named after Saraswati, and an intermittent tributary to this river is called the Ghaggar River.  Ghaggar, Haggar, get it?!  The records regarding Brahma and Saraswati and Ghaggar most definitely predate the time of Abraham and Sarai and Haggar.  In other words, the founding family of Judaism and of the Arab people, Abraham and Sarai and Haggar, were Hindus, practitioners of sanAtana dharma as “Hinduism” is more properly known.

According to the Old Testament/Torah, Abraham finally knocked up Sarai when she was ninety years old.  After his son was born, Abraham’s god told him to take his kid out into the desert and kill him, according to this tale told.  Upon preparing to kill his son Isaac, as this tale’s told, Abraham’s god provided a ram to take the place of his son to be slain, and then Abraham was told by his god to cut of the end of his dick (i.e., circumcision) and to  do the same to his kid and to all the men and boys of his tribe, and supposedly this constituted a covenant between Abraham’s crew and their god.  Kinda a weird story.

The likely true mythological origin of the rite of circumcision:  Brahma, Creator aspect of the Hindu Trimurti, Himself a created Being, got kinda bored one day after workin’ hard at the manifestation of creation and decided to create this really hot chick.  Brahma then proceeded to lust after her, chasin’ her around and tryin’ to get it on with her.  Brahma even grew a fifth head to continue to gaze upon her as she sought to evade his lustful gaze.  Well, Siva then shows up, who is the Destroyer person of the Trimurti and is not a created Being, i.e., is the always has been and always shall be eternal Divine.  He sees what ol’ Brahma’d done and he says to Brahma, “Yo!!  Wassup Brahma?!  Listen here boy:  that pretty mama you so skillfully created, since you made her, she be your daughter, DUDE!!!  That means you can neither fuck her nor lust after her, yo!!”  and with a swift motion cut off Brahma’s “fifth head”  with the fingernail of his pinky finger (think of the “Freudian” connotations).  In other words, Siva cut off the foreskin of Brahma’s cock.  In anthropological terms, the rite mimicking this mythic act would be called an incest taboo rite, a reminder, at least in the inception of the practice if not in the later mythic explanation, that you don’t fuck your own daughter.  The aforementioned myth is given as one of a few myths tells why Brahma, the Creator of what us humans call “creation,” the earth, etc., is not much worshipped in India and has only few temples built to Him.  My rendering of the Hebrew version, writ down hundreds of years after Abraham’s days:  some Jewish mother got ahold of the myth and said, “Oh god!!  We can’t tell our little boys that’s why they get the end of their pee pees cut off!!  We have to think of something nicer!!”

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