Hindu Gods and Goddesses

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

More Hollywood Strange . . .

So I recently started watching "Manifest" on NBC. The other morning I got out of bed to a "cop knock" on the RV door. I glanced out and noticed a beautiful dark haired female cop. She was wearing glasses and was very cordial, almost apologetic in her tone, and even a tad giddy, I might say. She said some neighbors in the hood called, and I asked if sleeping in my RV where parked was illegal. She said no and I said "Namaste," and closed the door, immediately "kicking myself" for not taking the opportunity to flirt, as she was certainly the most beautiful cop I've ever seen or met.
That night I continued watching "Manifest," as a new episode had aired. As I watched the show I noted that one character, Parveen Kaur, looked quite precisely like the beautiful police woman...Yet another weird celebrity encounter...Pretty sure...😌 And she is from India, and her name rather close to Parvati...Most recent other Hollywood star encounter was with Kali Rocha, and not too long ago in Laradise, with "Tara" (Amber Benson) from Buffy, and Uma Thurman and Kali Rocha in NY, names of the Great Goddess, Ma Parvati. WHAT THE FUCK DOES IT ALL MEAN?!?!?! My only answer to this queer query is too very bizarre to make public, even if the truth !!! AAAAHHHHHH!!!! Kinda cool, though, I guess...
Else the Goddess of Play Devi Lalitha is at play with this fool !!

Update:   Decided to go back and watch another episode, and realized . . . now it gets even more twisted !! The cop had the same glasses as another character in the show, played by Shirley Rumierck, who does look very much like Parveen.  

Whatever strange Hollywood spell I'm under (else perhaps have inadvertently brought upon myself), said spell still appears active.  Chatted with Kali Rocha in Taos a few weeks ago, who is nowadays seemingly hanging out at the Hanuman Temple, though as usual I did not take the opportunity to ask her to verify my assumption as to who she was, as the "spell" does make me rather dumb when conversing with "the stars."  I first encountered Kali Rocha in Beacon, NY, as she and Emma Caulfield (both played vengeance demons on Buffy the Vampire Slayer) were there together, and I did get the barista on duty at Bank Square coffee to verify my identification of Emma Caulfield.  (see Hollywood on the Hudson)  

**Since given cause to reassess my assessment of the woman in Taos who I thought might be Kali Rocha.  It seems once you start assuming such plays at play in one's life, projecting one's reasonable expectations--which might justifiably border on "paranoia"--is understandable...

This most recent vignette offered for my entertainment seems oddly similar to an encounter with either Emma Caulfield or Sarah Michelle Geller (they look rather alike, too, at least when wearing large dark sunglasses) when I first got back to Laramie from NY (Goddesses of Stage and Screen and of the Universe).  Perhaps I ought to keep these things to myself, as with so many other extraordinary and bizarre experiences and phenomena this madman traveler has seen.  My best friend during grad school, Suzanne, told me once, "Jeffrey, you're an open book," so I guess I can't help it !!

Namaste to all my Hollywood friends, and to the rest of you, too !!