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I am a mystic madman, a wandering wildman, scholar of esoterica, dilettante sadhu, dready-headed hippie (only have a few jata on the back of my head right now, though more be forming of this third set of knotted hair), gentle yogi, fierce foe of falsity. I was a preacher, but I renounced that. I was married, but she renounced me. I was a grad student at one of the top universities in the world on my way to becoming a professor, but I realized they taught lies there too. I am protector of souls, lover of mountains, smoker of herb, fond of hot springs, oceans and lakes and rivers and rain and sunshine, devotee of Devi.

Hindu Gods and Goddesses

Monday, May 4, 2015

Internet and Subtle (Esoteric?) Love Play

Subtler than subtle, the love play these days, as a significant her is not here with me nor seeming even near in space or time.
Positively esoteric, if not necessarily supernatural, the love play when She is not present as a yogini (overtly so or no), when not my lover sharing secrets of tantra with me in physically embodied intimacy, when romance is or at least seems distant, when She is Durga meaning "inaccessible" rather than/more than meaning "Invincible," and when siddhis and social media are the medium of those communications and teachings and love at play, and what yoga's been proffered that's supposed to suffice in place of practice with a partner in touch.  Subtler than subtle and no substitute for sex or presence, the psychic and electronic . . .

Friday, May 1, 2015

Is This Really My Birthday

Not sure exactly how to respond to my supposed birthday . . . What I have generally understood as my self came into this body from an exceedingly claustrophobic sarcophagus buried deep in the ground near another sarcophagus I viewed as I transited up through the earth that was glowing, as was mine, and that I knew contained my "sister" (not one of my sisters from this life, mind you).  I continued up to the surface and then transited into this body which lay in a crib in the northwest bedroom at 362 N. 7th here in Laramie. There's a small melanistic patch on my left side that may be an indication I am a tetragametic human chimera, i.e., this body is perhaps twins that became one in the womb, and is thus rather like depictions of Hari-Hara, Krishna and Shiva sharing one body (left half dark skinned, right half light skinned), leaving me to wonder about the soul that was in this body before my ba (Egyptian term for those souls that can transit from the tomb to other places and to live other lives after death) left the tomb and became Jeffrey Charles Archer. One of Shiva's names is Aja , "not-born," and Vishnu/Krishna and Shiva are in truth Advaita (not-two).
I have been shot and murdered at point blank range on more than one occasion, the first time when I was 24, again when I was 25, and upwards of three more times, only to regain consciousness without wounds and alive and healthy if rather befuddled shortly after each occurence (read chapter 2 of my book Memories and Musings of a Post-Postmodern Nomadic Mystic Madman before you judge me insane).  These are the reasons why I have not celebrated or even much acknowledged my "birthday" for quite a few years . . . but what the hell, some part of me was born in this body and my drivers license says date of birth 5/1/72 so I get free drinks at the bars on May Day, so namaste and happy motherfuckin' birthday to me!!!! Happy May Day/solar Beltane and International Workers Day, too!!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Weed and the Revolution . . .

It is no coincidence that cannabis is a central artifact of the peaceful revolutionary fervor of this world since at least the sixties. Devi Parvati introduced Her Husband Deva Siva the Destroyer of sin to said sacred weed ages ago, and tis Siva's devotees have a history of overturning the caste system and inverting the official order to bring justice. Cannabis incites free thinking and attunes those who partake of said sacrament to the mind of God, to celebration  and to transformation  and to peace. Shanti . . ."

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Goddess, Not the Father

Coming to know the Divine is more like getting to know the intricacies of a woman than discerning the will of a father...at least for me personally. Already came to understand the Divine Self on the male side as my own self or Self true, ego aside...that leaves Her as what I've to know...I suppose...

Monday, February 2, 2015

Mapping A Life

Mapping my life (not from an egocentric perspective mind you . . .) I find signs and symbols, writ and portrayed across so many regions, space and time.  The placement of persons I encounter living across the landscape of mind and these United States (and a couple or three trips abroad) displays a logic, super-personal, a plot scheme to the dream of my wanderings.  Fractaled faces of the One Divine, bespeaking not just their own lives as if separate, but of the Source and sources of refraction, light bent/slowed to make reality.

I have considered that I might try some systematic means to trace those lines, faces and places by their geographic deployal, to discover if thereby I might find Her I seek, else at least a place where I might be myself/mySelf most true and free.   Kailash is of certainty a focal point and point of emanation.  Other less tangible or obvious or recognized locales of significance might prove of interest if indeed patterns might be plotted point to point on the map, lay lines of destiny . . .

Map showing a journey I took 2005-2007 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Dichotomies and Dualisms: Gold in the Darkness

Dichotomies and dualisms, though never ultimately true, do provide means to exercise ranges of sense vibration perhaps otherwise inaccessible to the collective consciousness in this dark age.  Constructs such as "the Devil" allow for a certain binary play of opposition, as well as the ironic and oft playful use of such tropes to elevate the discourse above dualistic violences. 

It is indeed of note that the nature of this age, when people are generally most unaware of the truly non-dual nature of reality, allows certain transcendent leaps unavailable in those ages when the potential potency of (albeit illusory) dichotomies (think of the power of opposite charges in magnetism and electricity) cannot be accessed by the functioning of the already fully Self-aware conscious mind.  If one doesn't (albeit mistakenly) believe in "other" or "Other," the play of relationship between self/Self and not-self/-Self loses some potency and poignancy.  If you don't believe in the bad guy, you can't play games of good guy vs. bad guy.  Not to say that ignorance of the non-dual nature of reality is better that true Self-awareness.  Rather, as people play with a dualistic framework imagined, certain possible constructs become available for the play and array of life lived rather differently than for the truly Self-aware mind. 

In truth, awareness that behind all illusions maya may proffer, indeed all is brahman/God/good is a better, more peaceful and fruitful mode of being than the ill prospects of dualism.  Regardless, to function within the functionally dualistic constructs of culture and society in this dark age, the Kali yuga, the potency of "opposite charges" ought be considered and sometimes employed as potential if illusory means and power, if without any real attachment to that game of seeming opposition and potently/functionally imagined and constructed dualisms.

In the Ayurvedic understanding of time and ages of humanity, within the Kali Yuga, a period of 432,000 years or so, there is a Gauri Yuga or "Golden Age" touted to last 10,000 years.  That within the darkness there is a bright and beautiful light is directly analogous to Gauri Ma emerging from Kali Ma.  Kali Ma and Durga Ma are the same being, yet Dark Goddess Kali Ma does of certainty present a terrible figure, whereas Gauri presents a brighter and in some guises more pleasant Person.  There is no difference in truth between them, though the play of dichotomy even there does allow potencies unavailable to the non-differentiated form.  Thus the bliss of the Gauri Yuga, in relation to the supposed terrible state of the encompassing Kali Yuga, is granted more potency in the play of mind and experiencing than were that fictional separation not extant.  Dualism is illusion, though can offer means of play that allow for excitement and cycles of play can't be played if difference is not.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Is God already here, or does He/She require an Invite?

I have already writ posts that tell amply my opinion that sanAtana dharma/Hinduism is the original religion practiced by the purported patriarch of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.  Abraham was named after Brahma, the Creator according to sanAtana dharma, Sarah and Haggar named after Saraswati and Ghaggar (a river tributary to the Saraswati River in India).  According to the Torah Abraham and crew came from Ur of the Chaldese, which has been determined to have been rather near the Indus Valley.  Judaism, Christianity and Islam are certainly somehow related to the Hindu Trimurti Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, in that order.  As with Buddhism, thus, the Abrahamic religions have root in sanAtana dharma, and as with Buddhism those sought, at root, to respond to the pre-existent concepts of brahman and Atman, the Universal Divine Consciousness and the Divine seeded within each soul and being.

In separating geographically and otherwise from the homeland of their religion and entering new lands, the Abrahamic religions seem to have found need or want to differentiate, though not willing to let go the notion of One Divine, which is what is noted by the term brahman, nonetheless each posit "God" as something other than brahman, which might be denoted by the A as prefix in Abraham, i.e., "not brahman."

Buddhism, as they deal so with the issue of suffering, decided to let go the "All-Powerful God" factor in the question of theodicy, overtly stating, Abrahman and unatma, no Universal God and no Divine already extant in each and as every souls' true Self.
Christianity tries to replace the supposed lack of atman (that they seem like the Buddhists to believe despite the Christians continued belief in a Universal Divine Self) with their "Holy Spirit."  I.e., "If not what we/our forbearers once knew as "God" then what?  If there is no seed of the Universal Divine already in us, then with what do we fill that hole?"
The Buddhist answer, "Nothing."  The Hebrew answer, "Sacrifices." The Christian answer, "Fill that empty space with the self-sacrificing God we killed."  The Muslim answer, "Just surrender."

The answer of sanAtana dharma: God as we have and do know Him/Her does exist and is already the root and core to every being.  Indeed suffering does exist, but is properly extant to guide or goad us towards action and practice that are blissful yoga (yoke) with the True Self, i.e., suffering is dharma.  Suffering can also exist when the vibrations of material reality and experiencing are ill-tuned, as maya  (this illusory reality we call reality) is a fine tuned instrument designed for the enjoyment of experiencing, designed to give something to do with eternity.

Patanjali's Yoga Sutra, first three verses: 

Herein is Yoga
Yoga is the alteration of sense vibration
that therein Pure Consciousness might abide . . .

Monday, December 22, 2014

Subtleties of Form

Subtleties of form, tales of perhaps lifetimes told in a woman's body: her shape and movements, her gestures (whether graceful mudras or awkward limbs), stories subtly related in the curve of a woman's hips and thighs, the lay of the land that is her hills and valleys and canyons deep conveying myths of her lives and deaths and her pilgrimage with eternity, proffering adventure for whatever lover would explore her mysteries.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Memories and Musings of a Post-Postmodern Nomadic Mystic Madman

I am a dead man walking—er, actually I am currently sitting and sipping a highly honey-sweetened cup of Wyoming-roasted coffee with cream on the back patio of a coffeehouse in downtown Laramie.  The pale-brown liquid within my cup has grown quite cold over several hours sitting and exposed to the elements of a high-country afternoon, though ice has yet to form around the rim.  I sometimes gaze into the swirls of milk fat floating on the surface and the patterns of variously mixed solutions of bean juice and water and honey and half-and-half to scry with what shapes might emerge to tell of things present, past or possible.
I don’t mean that someone has me as their mark, necessarily, or that I am keeping a wide-eye open for fear of potential assassins, necessarily.  My point with these words is in fact rather more stark.  What I actually mean by this opening statement, these first words in print after flyleaf and front matter, is that I have already been murdered, and perhaps on as many as five occasions.  The most poignant and certain instance of experiencing my own homicide occurred one ordinary summer’s day at dusk in Golden Gate Park, when two bullets were rather randomly and undeservedly introduced to the inside of my skull after an otherwise pleasant and uneventful day on Hippie Hill.
In addition to such homicidal intrigues, I have encountered sasquatch, a skinwalker, holes in space-time, and a shape-shifter who did her turn whilst astride my lap.  In pursuit of romance and the hidden secrets to life and history, guided by instinct, intuition, chance, and sometimes helpful deities, I have been granted many such glimpses behind the veils of normalcy—at moments to my delight, and at others to my terror.
At a certain point in life I decided I had a desire to unabashedly seek the truths that seemed unavailable in academia or conventional religion, and to discover what hidden magic and beauty and adventure this world really has to offer.  I concluded at some moment of disillusionment or discontent that merely reading books of fiction or supposed scriptures to find inspiration and truth, else vicariously viewing others’ explorations and adventures on TV or on the big screen proved insufficient means to satisfy my yearnings to experience or to satiate a want to know, and thus I decided that I had a need to endeavor the quest, and by the most quixotic and heroic means I might have need that I might find what abides behind life’s curtains. 
And so I began to live as a wandering renunciate before I truly knew what this meant or might imply, hitchhiking and train hopping and backcountry rambling on a simple and more or less innocent search for answers and quest for love both transcendent and terrestrial.  Thus began the ride of my life.  Visions and experiences that answered to my curiosity and were revealed to my searchings surpassed extraordinary, and indeed met with the sublime, and even Divine.
I have been tailed by a tornado in the badlands that bore the certain imprint of God made manifest, and have pursued an apparent apparition of the Goddess across the breadth of the continent.  I have crossed the threshold between life and death more than once, though still I breath, drink, eat, piss, shit, think, and even occasionally fuck, and thus by all appearance and common indicators, I am quite alive.  In the most recent third of thirty-six or so years lived I have experienced things most would assume the stuff of fairy tales or fantasy, mythology or merely a wild imagination.    
Yet here I sit, just where I sat some twelve years ago, and with little if anything overt to show for my years of questing, labors of love, challenges to the system and changes to myself.  I now have a PC upon which I type these words, whereas then I had a Mac.  This evening I pen (er, type) my early memoirs, whereas then it was my Master’s thesis I labored to complete.  Little else overt has changed, save that I am now long since estranged from then-wife and son, church and institution, I have lived over a dozen years more, and these days don a beret and wool overcoat instead of a thin cotton trench coat and ski cap.  Three fat dreadlocks also now dangle amidst the otherwise unknotted past-shoulder-length hairs on the back of my head.
The sun is setting behind the Snowy Range Mountains, and the oft-ferocious high plains wind is only a gentle breeze this evening.  I’m watching this rather dull spectacle (compared to the best or even average of Laramie sunsets) from the back patio at Coal Creek Coffee Company’s downtown coffeehouse and roastery.  A freight train is roaring past beneath the steel footbridge that spans the railroad tracks which reside between my vantage and the sunset.  This bridge links the downtown to the Near West Side, and purportedly is or at least was longest of its kind in the country.  Random pedestrians in wool coats and down parkas pass by both near my seat and strolling over the human viaduct in the background, faces only glimpsed between snuggly wrapped scarves and hats pulled low, and fewer I know now than I knew in days past in this small city on the high plains.
Said painted black steel and concrete span, occasional trains rumbling beneath, the derelict smokestack tower that stands ten stories tall behind, and people passing by in warm winter gear provide an excellent foil for the now dark gray clouds and fading light and subdued colors of this evening’s sunset show—or would it be the other way around?  Regardless, it seems to me at this moment, this picture painted in words might offer a poignant backdrop for you to bear in mind as you read on, dear reader, providing a scene that appropriately sets the tone for the tales to come in this text.
Before the beginnings of my wild and weird cross-country adventures, before I tried to make a break from the system’s sometimes subtle and subliminal hold, I would often sit at this very table laboriously researching and writing my Master’s thesis, “Non-Essentially Occidental:  Heteroglossia in the European Discourses on Islam.”  Back then I still held on to some semblance of the assumption that there was a comfortable place for me within “polite society” and inside the bounds of the popular consensual reality of Anytown, USA, and its various venerated institutions.
Never quite finished this thesis, and thus abandoned hopes of becoming a certified PhD professor-type.  Instead I decided to seek the truths of self and other (and “Self” and “Other”) outside of familiar text and tradition and institution, to take to the open road to search for evidences of heteroglossia (many tongues) telling different versions than the officially-sanctioned and academy-approved, and to find a more personally valid and abiding title or state of being than “Doctor” or “Professor.” 
In this loosed condition, wonderful and weird magic and mystery unfolded before my sight and other senses.  Wisdoms both beautiful and terrible were bestowed as the wide world opened doors to mysteries archaic as well as immediate, from revelations regarding obscured secrets of ancient myths and migrations of ancient Gods and their peoples to the manifestation of divine plays presented first-hand in my own life-lived.  Such accounts are the substance of this bound book, dear reader, presented for your entertainment, and perhaps for the enrichment of your own life-lived in this everyday world, where truth proves more than meets a mere two eyes . . .

Available at Amazon.com after the Winter Solstice 2014


Monday, December 1, 2014

What is Yoga . . .?

Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon: Search Results

2yogam. (1. %{yuj} ; ifc. f. %{A}) the act of yoking , joining , attaching , harnessing , putting to (of horses) RV. MBh. ; a yoke , team , vehicle , conveyance S3Br. Kaus3. MBh. ; employment , use , application , performance RV. &c. &c. ; equipping or arraying (of an army) MBh. ; fixing (of an arrow on the bow-string) ib. ; putting on (of armour) L. ; a remedy , cure Sus3r. ; a means , expedient , device , way , manner , method MBh. Ka1v. &c. ; a supernatural means , charm , incantation , magical art ib. ; a trick , stratagem , fraud , deceit Mn. Katha1s. (cf. %{yoga-nanda}) ; undertaking , business , work RV. AV. TS. ; acquisition , gain , profit , wealth , property ib. Kaus3. MBh. ; occasion , opportunity Ka1m. Ma1rkP. ; any junction , union , combination , contact with (instr. with or without %{saha} , or comp.). MBh. Ka1v. &c. (%{yogam} %{i} , to agree , consent , acquiesce in anything R.) ; mixing of various materials , mixture MBh. R. VarBr2S. ; partaking of , possessing (instr. or comp.) Mn. R. Hariv. ; connection , relation (%{yogAt} , %{yogena} and %{yoga-tas} ifc. in consequence of , on account of , by reason of , according to , through) Ka1tyS3r. S3vetUp. Mn. &c. ; putting together , arrangement , disposition , regular succession Ka1t2h. [856,3] S3rS. ; fitting together , fitness , propriety , suitability (%{yogena} and %{yoga-tas} ind. suitably , fitly , duly , in the right manner) MBh. Ka1v. &c. ; exertion , endeavour , zeal , diligence , industry , care , attention (%{yoga-tas} ind. strenuously , assiduously ; %{pUrNena@yogena} , with all one's powers , with overflowing zeal) Mn. MBh. &c. ; application or concentration of the thoughts , abstract contemplation , meditation , (esp.) self-concentration , abstract meditation and mental abstraction practised as a system (as taught by Patan5jali and called the Yoga philosophy ; it is the second of the two Sa1m2khya systems , its chief aim being to teach the means by which the human spirit may attain complete union with I7s3vara or the Supreme Spirit ; in the practice of self-concentration it is closely connected with Buddhism) Up. MBh. Ka1v. &c. (IW. 92) ; any simple act or rite conducive to Yoga or abstract meditation Sarvad. ; Yoga personified (as the son of Dharma and Kriya1) BhP. ; a follower of the Yoga system MBh. S3am2k. ; (in Sa1m2khya) the union of soul with matter (one of the 10 Mu1lika7rtha1s or radical facts) Tattvas. ; (with Pa1s3upatas) the union of the individual soul with the universal soul Kula7rn2. ; (with Pa1n5cara1tras) devotion , pious seeking after God Sarvad. ; (with Jainas) contact or mixing with the outer world ib. ; (in astron.) conjunction , lucky conjuncture La1t2y. VarBr2S. MBh. &c. ; a constellation , asterism (these , with the moon , are called %{cAndra-yogAH} and are 13 in number ; without the moon they are called %{kha-yogAH} , or %{nAbhasa-yogAH}) VarBr2S. ; the leading or principal star of a lunar asterism W. ; N. of a variable division of time (during which the joint motion in longitude of the sun and moon amounts to 13 degrees 20 minutes ; there are 27 such Yogas beginning with Vishkambha and ending with Vaidhr2iti) ib. ; (in arithm.) addition , sum , total Su1ryas. MBh. ; (in gram.) the connection of words together , syntactical dependence of a word , construction Nir. Sus3r. (ifc. = dependent on , ruled by Pa1n2. 2-2 , 8 Va1rtt. 1) ; a combined or concentrated grammatical rule or aphorism Pa1n2. Sch. Siddh. (cf. %{yoga-vibhAga}) ; the connection of a word with its root , original or etymological meaning (as opp. to %{rUDhi} q.v.) Nir. Prata1p. Ka1tyS3r. Sch. ; a violator of confidence , spy L. ; N. of a Sch. on the Parama7rthasa1ra ; (%{A}) f. N. of a S3akti Pan5car. ; of Pi1vari1 (daughter of the Pitr2is called Barhishads) Hariv.

. . . more . . . posts . . .

At least all the witches ain't bitches, the intrigues intriguing, the players pretty, the Devis are lovely, alliteration and rhyme in good rhythm and time . . .

So many stories, subtle and obscene . . .

Oh me I do tire of the absurdity of the drama subtle. Though I trust that dharma is and shall prevail o'er the milieu and malaise, tis rather less than a pleasing role/roles this player been of late pressed to play in this lila/writ and sometimes scripted screenplay . . . Aiieeeeeee !!!!

In light of the existence of GMO bunnies that glow in the dark, wonder of the hairless green glowing 'skinwalker' I did see on the rez in AZ. Pro'ly just a cougar had a den in a radium vein . . . or a skinwalker.

Not quite so much Danks-giving this year, alas . . .!!

Revelations of the Persons and Play of Eternity rollin' into my mind and perceptions generally like a freight train . . . at the Buck, no less !! I guess scarce a better place than the Infamous Buckhorn Bar, Laradise, WY . . .

sanAtana dharma (aka "Hinduism") is not a religion, it is practices that are in fact what's "keepin' it together forever" . . .

Dharma drama, the only way to play . . .


Anybody with a ride wanna go to Navaratri/Durga Puja at the Hanuman Temple in Taos, NM ?? Got gas and grass for anyone gots a car and adventuresomeness . . . we prob'ly camp by a hot springs in the Rio Grand Gorge . . . the one shown in Easy Rider.
Thursday, September 25th — Saturday, October 4, 2014–traditionally celebrated each evening, Navaratri lasts for nine nights with worship of Ma Durga, the Goddess of Courage, Ma Lakshmi, the Goddess of Prosperity and Ma Saraswati, the Goddess of Knowledge. The nine nights of Durga Puja are celebrated from the first till the tenth day of the bright half of the lunar month in September/October. On the tenth day there is a Kumari Puja (puja to the young girls baby thru pre teen) and a procession to the Rio Grande into which the Goddess is lovingly immersed.

Just back from Rainbow welcome home. Just after I set up my tarp and started chanting, started hearing didgeridoos and drums . . . ceased my intonation of devotions and invocations of Durga Ma, then shortly started hearing AUM namah Shivaya chanted at a camp near my shelter. My thoughts, "I am indeed home."

Living in a basement apartment is not unlike living between the living and the buried . . .

When I hit the road I was not running from anything, I was journeying towards the truth and freedom.

Dogs and gods, Gods and dogs . . . inversions in a conversation of devotions. A grand expanse, or perhaps not so, between extremes of love true.

I don't wear skirts to be feminine, though said attire can certainly be a means a man might honor the feminine. I wear skirts as indeed (and to whatever degree to display that) the masculine is not necessarily what social convention might dictate.

Finally got a pic of Zunaka (the dog formerly known as Zeus) !!!!! Travelled with me for years and as magic a dog as you'd likely ever meet !!!! Wonder where he's reincarnated too . . .?

Gray though pleasant clouds roll by like waves this breezy day, dried sunflower leaves still on the stalk converse with the wind. An ochre tint illuminates the hundred year old houses and dirt road in this railroad town (guitars and singing intermitently heard over the gust's song) . . .

Subtleties of form, tales of perhaps lifetimes told in a woman's body: her shape and movements, her gestures (whether graceful mudras or awkward limbs), stories subtly related in the curve of a woman's hips and thighs, the lay of the land that is her hills and valleys and canyons deep conveying myths of her lives and deaths and her pilgrimage with eternity, proffering adventure for whatever lover would explore her mysteries.

Thanksgiving feasts in the autumn are traditional celebrations of indigenous peoples in much of the world . . . lets not give that holiday to the oppressors, 'tis a celebration in thanks for the fruits of the Earth, the providence of the Great Mother and Great Father !!!!

When I was just a starting hippie, just prior to the Beast mama's maiden voyage according to erstwhile travelling companion Kate Boisoneau (I was pro'ly too baked to remember photo shoot, hee hee, though I do recall the purse/wallet and garb) . . . thanks for the pic, Katie mama !!

When I was just a starting hippie, just prior to the Beast mama's maiden voyage according to erstwhile travelling companion Kate Boisoneau (was pro'ly too baked to remember photo shoot, hee hee) . . . thanks for the pic, Katie mama !!

Gray cloudy warmish with tiny flakes falling down . . . better than sub-zero with a Wyoming wind I suppose.


I don't wear skirts to be feminine, though said attire can certainly be a means a man might honor the feminine. I wear skirts as indeed (and to whatever degree to display that) the masculine is not necessarily what social convention might dictate.


Friday, November 21, 2014

Subtleties of Form . . .

Subtleties of form, tales of perhaps lifetimes told in a woman's body: her shape and movements, her gestures (whether graceful mudras or awkward limbs), stories subtly related in the curve of a woman's hips and thighs, the lay of the land that is her hills and valleys and canyons deep conveying myths of her lives and deaths and her pilgrimage with eternity, proffering adventure for whatever lover would explore her mysteries.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Keepin' it together forever . . . sanAtana dharma

Though sanAtana dharma is clearly to me key to the whole mystery,

clues and cues and parts of the puzzle are extant in every land and o'er every sea and play through the array of faiths and paradigms,
sometimes quite cleverly deployed in subtle symbolic and oft ironic hints


Shiva Linga and Omphalus

proffered by those who weave the webs that hold the show together and make it entertaining . . .

and worthwhile.

Claustrophobic !!!!

I came to consciousness in a sarcophagus, deep in the earth.  It was the deepest muggy musty dead space imaginable, claustrophobic far beyond the threshold of terror, tons of soil and rock or sand encompassing the cramped space, the darkness beyond the darkest of nights, though I almost feel as if I could see the rounded sides of the cavity in which my bones and flesh were encapsulated.  I went into a terrible panic, pressing my hands against the confines into which my (assumedly) mummified corpse was entombed, screaming for all my body could muster.  Finally at a peak of terror I departed my erstwhile body and began to transit up through the ground.  As I rose through the earth, the sarcophagus in which I was formerly freaking out appeared to be glowing.  I paused in my transit as I noted another glowing sarcophagus nearby, parallel and at a higher elevation than my overly cozy coffin.  I knew the person therein was my "sister." 

I continued on my transit, conveyed by some force I could not entirely direct, and rose above the surface.  On the horizon was a bright light that may have been over water, and otherwise the sky was dark.  Almost instantaneously I transited into this body laying in a crib, head toward the east, screaming for the terror of confined spaces, in the northwest bedroom of the house at 362 North Seventh Street in Laramie, Wyoming.

Of quite a number of anomalous and "supernatural" experiences that inform my rather mixed and juxtaposed identity, this first memory of this life is indeed intriguing if not telling as to who and what I might truly be.  Egyptian Pharaohs were usually entombed with wife, who was often the Pharaoh's sister.  I have some inkling and indications that my seeming sister-wife from another life grew up in this life in the next town over, Cheyenne, Wyoming, though such indicators might be wrong or ruse.  Pharaohs and such were touted able to depart the tomb as a "ba" to experience other states (or lives?) after being properly entombed.  Shiva and Parvati were said to have been Brother and Sister in at least one incarnation . . .

I'm rather sure someone was in this body before (most of?) me showed up, several months after this body was born.  There is a rather small melanistic patch on my left side which could be indicative of cutaneous mosaicism, a potential indicator of tetragametic human chimerism, being one's own twin.  This condition is represented in the murti of Ardhanarishwara (androgen Shiva and Parvati) and the murti of Hari-Hara (Vishnu and Shiva sharing the same body).

I suppose I am publishing this as I've no reason to keep any such secreted, and might be that such information granted the public might help to untangle certain twisted plots from which I myself cannot seeming entirely extract myself, and which by some signs and indicators bear importance to more than merely me . . .  Namaste

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Surreptitious She Smiles

Surreptitious She smiles,
beguiling guiles
and so many guises.
Most often in Her eyes
She tells me She's there
in whatever woman's
glance or gaze,
though other (mostly) playful clues and cues
do betray Her presence too,
in this or that lovely devi
might pass me on the street
or sit nearby in a café or bar.

Sweetly She loves me,
when I am graced with Her intimacies shared,
Her kisses upon my lips,
round breasts against my chest
legs intertwined with mine,
and one in a way not unlike
when She and I were truly
Two that were One.

In every love song
are more than traces
of this our love.
Subtly or no the lyrics
are of our story true,
and every soul that is
both plays a part and sings along
and is that story too . . .

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

She is Every Ma . . .

Reflecting upon how beautifully gracefully She has shown Herself to me . . .
So many beautiful women who've conveyed to me transcendent love and beauty beyond (though certainly not excluding) romantic love. 

Playfully She has elicited my desire both base and for infinity and eternity. 

In her mudras and subtle spoken words, Her lovely form in dance and passion unfurled, Her body intertwined with mine at times, I sense Her through her, as She is always there in the beloved if let to be.

Her eyes telling of Love and hope forever, and through Her glimpses are glimpses granted me of possibility and promise. 

If mostly to date She's shown Herself as Durga, mostly "inaccessible" as Her name means, in fact She is always present and attentive to Her devotee, accepting of my admiration and duly admiring me when I might deserve. 

Sometimes it is through a lover, some amazing woman does show me of this Great Yoga,
Lovers yolked together through ages and eternity in so many poses and postures, faces and places and stations where We play our love play, She and I.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Little Black In Me . . .

A Little Black In Me . . .

Split down the middle, else a bit to one side. 
Two that are not two,
just one, inside
and indeed in eternity,
if at times in time and space
two persons we might be,
bearing different face.
"Hooray !! Hoorah!!"
else a different cheer,
gender and mind sublime,
half-a-him and half-him-or-her?

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

brahman is God/Goddess; atman is the part of us each and all that reminds us that that is what we truly are, illusions aside . . .

Thursday, May 1, 2014

My People . . .

My people: the hippies, the yogis and yoginis, the righteous freaks, the punks, metal heads, the Grateful Dead and the Gratefully Dead, the Rainbow Tribe, the wrongfully oppressed, the humble farmer, the mystics true, those who fight for Family true, the bar flies with a wish for something better, the abused who deserve to be healed, the tribes who love the earth, the Ancient Divine, Devas and Devis and those devoted to them, Ganas, Maruts, Apsaras and Ghandarvas, the humble householder who truly seeks God, the vagabond wanderer who seeks the better than what we've made of it, the Warriors of Love, the singers and players who believe in the music, those who seek beauty true, those who won't accept the lies, ghouls and goblins and sinners who've surrendered to the Divine Good, those who believe in the Good Eternal, etc., sanAtana dharma bhakti !!!!!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

More Might Be Worthy Posts

I wonder if serial monogamy is an attempt to get through lifetimes of relationship karma in one sitting . . .?

Amazing how these scripts, even the ancient ones, are writ in the day to day . . . regardless of culture or locale, religious predisposition, the eternal keepin' it together forever is intrinsic . . . subtly placed in the script of life lived.
sanAtana dharma "forever" "to hold together"--"keepin' it together forever"
Part of da spiel is to maintain a poetic flow, irony and a willingness to look at da other side, making sure pure doth rein and abide . . . artful and sometimes absurd, as are we, as we are, a dance of words and thoughts potent sent, maintaining righteous transformation d' intent , , ,

The Upanishads . . . True.

Inwards and out, expansions and contractions of the flow, waves and sometimes inversions, the light streaming out a black hole . . . likewise the story been coming, in flux betwixt manifest and reveries mixed with prescience and presumptions . . . and where the story will be played out and where it will decline to show other than in mind's eye, who knows . . .?

My favorite scripture, first three verses of Patanjali's Yogasutra
1. Now, the teaching of yoga.
2.Yoga is the patterning of consciousness,
3.Then pure awareness can abide in its very nature.
else transla(/litera-)tion:
Herein in yoga: Yoga is the alteration of sense vibration, therein pure consciousness might abide.
else real speak:
Yo, here's Yoga: yoga is tuning the vibe, so we can flow with the True Most HIgh, aieeeght?!

I dunno that this one or that one or me is God, I do know that We are God.

Sometimes feel I'm a switchboard or CPU for energies and thought forms dancing and vieing in da' chit (mind) and sometimes issuing from the shit, see . . .? Altering sense vibration my forced station, as the tumult of time space mind and what matters beckons my attention and sometimes exceeding mindful response(s) . . . Maybe I'd do better to stick with Hatha Yoga, asanas and breath, and leave the chit shit to somebody else . . .

AbhibhaJj droha mitra bodhana mitra bhiSajya jaya arAyakSayaNa
     Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon: Search Results
     1. arAyakSayaNa n. anything that serves to destroy evil spirits AV. ii , 18 , 3.

Once this one saint was chastized for putting the soles of his feet towards an altar. His response was something like, "Where might I direct the bottom of my feet where God is not?"

Watchin' and bein' part the chakras cycling. the cycles confluing and converging, the beauty of that which is us, AUM, love, zav zav zav !!!

Any given time, you can suppose I'm in some degree or semblance of trance . . . Sanskrit mantra hours every day do 'dat !!! Hee hee !!

Oh me, the weird archetypally loaded plays do disconcert me, sometimes . . .

Family life complicated when you're not sure where all your family is incarnated . . .
When do I become anachronistic, again . . .?

A crow just sounded as it passed by my window, just now crawling into bed. They are said to be protectors of sanAtana dharma, and thus intoning whatever ancient sacred incantation as they fly and sound, "caw caw" . . . if indeed various species have such specialized and important tasks related to the wellbeing of humanity in such subtle ways, the loss of a single species might indeed throw off the balance of mind and not merely materially discernible relationships of species in a given, supposed separate habitat. just a passing thought i thought i'd share . . .

Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon: Search Results 1 allA f. (voc. %{alla}) , a mother Pa1n2. 7-3 , 107 Sch.

cARToons and reality, which is which? In my world they've become rather mixed!!

Yoga is adjusting the twisted, oft confused relationships of people as well as parts of the body, of the soul in relation to the Soul as well as breath in relation to movement and posture . . .
Good Goddess this world is beautiful !!!

don't necessarily wanna jump into full Superhero garb . . . but ya' gotta do what you gotta do, a'ight?

What if God has to maintain certain states of intoxication to be able to deal with humanity . . .?

The disk spinning round and round, vinyl or laser disk or chakra, else the binary play of digital, may the music play and lead us to brahman, our true Self manifest as so many beautiful selves!!!

God is a Noble Savage.

First time reading the Ramayana. One thing stands out about the battles Rama fights against various demons: most of them, once slain or vanquished by God-Man Rama, find transformation and a return towards God's Peace. Even demons can be redeemed in true religion . . .

I recall the first time I heard the term "third eye" was in the movie The White Buffalo. I thought and told whatever sibling I was watching with that the character was talking about somebody's butthole . . . a tad bit upside down.

Honesty is important, otherwise you might lie about or forget who your own Self is . . .

Must tell of this most tasty dumpster score meal (wish I had a camera, probably on my list for tomorrow): button and portabella mushrooms, red, yellow and green bell pepper, zucchini and yellow squash, chopped red apple, candied walnuts and sliced up slices of Little Caesar's cheese pizza (weird, I know) seasoned with Monkey Snacks Chef Rev's Cajun Seasoning (gifted to me), all sautéed and served on a bed of baby kale with raw yellow pear cherry tomatoes and red apple poppyseed dressing with mild white cheddar sprinkled on top . . . much of it organic!!!

Hate it when I don't properly apply my Third-Eyeliner . . .
It is a grand mistake for humanity to get so caught up in what they can make and do they forget the wonder of who and what they are . . .
kSititrANa n. protection of the earth
lokapAla m. a world-protector , guardian of the wñworld
dArarakSitaka mfn. relating to the protection of women.
bhUpAlana n. `" earth-protection "' , sovereignty , dominion
(Sanskrit, of course . . .)
Yet another balmy day the in Laradise . . .
Difference between a "lover" and a "girlfriend": there's no such thing as an x-lover. Lovers can be "former," just not "x," unless you're filming a porn together . . .
Gayatri murti used to sit on the north side of the Albany County Public Library . . .
The interdimensional purport of much presented perplex this time-spaced traveler . . .
Rta Atman Rta brahman . . .
In Laramie and finding my proper flow returning . . . if yet feeling some of the lowland funk clingin'. The air thinner up here, and Mind less cluttered, I supposin'.
Grateful for Durga . . . She's out there somewhere !!

Maybe I build a nice snow-cave nigh Centennial to abide in interim styles . . .
So I'm back in the high country, or at the edge thereof, as Denver's only one mile high . . .
Namaste Rocky Mountains . . .
Hate it when I think of some really poignant and pertinent metaphoric something then forget said before I can say it !!
It is not of my own merit but rather by other(s) expectations that I have gone mad.
Chillin' on a steamy evening at the Beacon Sloop Club potluck. Pickers and strummers warmin' up and Pete Segar the ol' man of American folk music minglin' with the crowd. Nice.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Mamasita and God who says "Moooo"

Pondering certain memes and meanings within commonly repeated colloquialisms, the subtle spells sanAtana dharma weaves into the daily conversation of so many people and peoples in so many tongues, which keeps them inadvertently tied by intonation to those most ancient wisdoms, those at least as close as humanity has to “eternal teachings.” The most obvious little sacred spell designed to keep humanity in tune with the ancient ways and vibrations: “God” is derived from the Sanskrit root go, which means “cow” as in the Holy Cows graze in the pasture and intone “AUM” backwards, and which grace humanity willing with their own milk. The simple fact that another creature, biologically unrelated to humanity save very distantly, essentially nurses us as if one of their own is at least analogous to the Providence of the Divine, caring for mere mortals so seeming separate from the Divine. Thus when people call on “God” using that English word they are invoking that ancient Deity worshiped yet in India in the actual form of the bovine beasty, and in a globally recognized expression of anthropomorphisized or transcendent Benevolence, in fact even overtly worshiped by most peoples' ancestors in some guise or other as Bull Gods and other Sacred Cows.

Every time Abraham and Sarah are named in a Hebrew prayer their speech cannot but be recognized as an echo if not occulted invocation of Brahma and Saraswati, the Creator and His Consort according to sanAtana dharma, and at least the namesakes for the Hebrew patriarch and his wife who indeed came from quite near Indus Valley Civilization before crossing southern Asia to reach Palestine. When a Muslim speaks the primary confession of Islam he or she is saying one of the kalima, a veiled reminder of Kali Ma, Black Mama Goddess of the Universe according to the teachings of sanAtana dharma. To the Muslim, “community” is Ummah, at least vibrationally invoking Uma Himavati, another form of the Goddess Mama of the Universe. Christians devotion to their Shepherd is more than analogous to Gopis worship of Krishna the Cowherd, a functional pattern applied again or copied from sanAtana dharma. “Yoga” is root to the English word “yolk,” as in the brace used to tie a horse or other creature to a cart or a plow. “Allah” without the “h” is one of Durga's names, thus intonationally Muslims are calling upon the “HIndu” Goddess of the Universe when they say their “God is good.”

When a crowd cheers, “Hooray!! Hoorah!!” their words echo as “Hari-Hara!!” in fact invoking Vishnu/Hari and Shiva/Hara who in Hari-Hara form are the Maintainer and Destroyer Avatars of God sharing One Body. When in the Spanish tongue a woman is called “mamasita” those syllables intoned invoke Devi Ma Sita, Wife of God Rama who is another form of Vishnu/Krishna. Devi Sita is an Avatar of Prithvi, Mother Earth, and is said by the Ramayana to be a small framed woman. So indeed in some guise Mother Earth is worshiped by the Spanish when they call someone mamasita/“little mama.” An Aztec Native American Indian calls himself or herself “Astika” which in India's sacred speak Sanskrit means “faithful one, or one who believes in the existence of God/another world.”

Despite whatever theological or cultural tangent, placed within the words and ways of common people everywhere remain means of tying the whole show together, to maintain those strands of sacred stories and names yet woven through virtually every culture and mythology which call upon the most ancient and abiding, sanAtana dharma. Thus despite overt grand differences between peoples, such spells spun by Lalitha or whatever Devi or Deva within whatever peoples' ways remind them or the spirit within them, however unacknowledged consciously, of their kinship and connections to the others and to the same ancient sacred stories and ancestral understandings of the Divine. At least over the last five to ten thousand years there is indeed a coherent and unified narrative of the drama and dharma of us all and our ancestors, and spells woven within everyone's words in every tongue, that has been and shall continue “keepin' it together forever,” sanAtana dharma.

God's Hard-On and Close Calls With Global Disaster . . . A Remake?

In the Pine Forest Shiva wanders in a state of sorrow into a village of ascetics, a Pine Forest Village.  In a state of extreme sadness, God the Destroyer wanders into this town with a big boner, a Holy Hard-On . . . Cursed by some (perhaps someone with a lesser member) that His Big Blue Cock would fall off, indeed God's penis fell to the ground and threatened to burn the whole world, so the sages built a giant yoni (vagina) to put the linga into, and thus averted disaster . . .

From the United States Geological Survey's site:  http://volcanoes.usgs.gov/volcanoes/yellowstone/yellowstone_sub_page_69.html

"The 2003 bulge beneath Yellowstone Lake

Articles in the press in 2003 reported a "bulge" beneath Yellowstone Lake and have generated some concern about possible dangers for residents or visitors to the area. Below, we answer some questions we've been asked by the public and press.
High-resolution bathymetric relief map of Yellowstone Lake, acquired by multibeam sonar imaging and seismic mapping, surrounded by colored geologic map of the area around Yellowstone Lake.
 (Click image to view full size.)
High-resolution bathymetric relief map of Yellowstone Lake, acquired by multibeam sonar imaging and seismic mapping, surrounded by colored geologic map of the area around Yellowstone Lake.

Is there a bulge beneath the lake?

Mapping of the lake bottom has revealed a variety of faults, hot springs and craters beneath Yellowstone Lake. In a scientific report by Morgan et al., 2003, one feature was informally named the "inflated plain" by USGS researcher Lisa Morgan, who organized surveys of the lake beginning in 1999. In mapping the entire lake, she and her colleagues identified a region about 2,000 feet long that rises about 100 feet above the lake floor."

"Shiva, the god of eroticism, is also the master of the method by which the
virile force may be sublimated and transformed into a mental force, an in-
tellectual power. This method is called Yoga, and Shiva is the great yogi,
the founder of Yoga. We see him represented as an ithyphallic yogi....
Assuming the various postures of Yoga, Shiva creates the different varieties
Then in the posture of realisation (siddh&sana) he reintegrates
of beings....
into himself all the universe which he has created. It is in this posture that
he is most often represented. His erect phallus is swollen with all the poten-
tialities of future creations . . .

Siva himself confesses to being a false ascetic when he replies to
the taunts of the sages' wives:
The women: "You are the foremost of wantons; how can you wander
begging without embarrassment ?"
Siva: "There is no expedient but wandering as a beggar in order to reveal
my own songs, gazes, and words among women in different places."101

In a story of one of the many quarrels between Siva and Parvati, she accuses him of ascetic hypocrisy:
Siva and Parvati were playing at dice, and she won from him all his orna-
ments and even his loincloth. Then all the hosts and attendants were em-
barrassed and turned their heads away, and Siva was ashamed and angry.
He said to her, "All the sages and gods are laughing at me; why have you
done this ? If you have won, at least let me keep my loincloth." But Par-
vati laughed and said, "What need have you for a loincloth? You went
naked into the Pine Forest and seduced the wives of the sages, with the
pretext of begging; and then when you had gone they gave you great honor.
The sages there caused your loincloth to fall; therefore you must cast it off
now, for you have lost it at dice anyway."102"

The above quoted from: Asceticism and Sexuality in the Mythology of Śiva. Part I
Author(s): Wendy Doniger O'Flaherty
Source: History of Religions, Vol. 8, No. 4 (May, 1969), pp. 300-337
Published by: The University of Chicago Press

From the news in 1997 . . .
A Rise in Nudity
The city council in Laramie, Wyoming, is considering a new ordinance that would expand the definition of the "nudity " to be banned in public places. The first addition will be applauded by all right thinking persons who have ever had to view the posterior of a certain type of beer-bellied construction worker. This part of the ordinance prohibits showing the cleft of the buttocks. But the next section of the original law is a truly important advance that covers a part of male bodies that may be clothed yet exposed. The ordinance defined nudity to include "male genitals in a discernibly turgid state." The law did not spell out the duties of police officers, but we're sure Laramie's finest would have been vigilant in seeking out "discernibly turgid" genitals on males. But alas, that reasonable addition was dropped, probably due to politics. (ACLU Press Release, 10/22)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Never say . . .

Those layers of illusion presented to my wondering eye and befuddled cognition which represent the fantastic or at least extraordinary, such experiences as celebrity encounters and doppels and shell games, shape shifters and chimera, are themselves layered with slights-of-hand and riddles within the riddles . . .

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Reiterating Renunciations of Wrong Religion

So I sent letters to all the churches I've been involved with to any degree letters renouncing the confession of faith, baptism, license to preach and ordination and all related accouterments of Christianity.  I sent these a number of years ago, when I was last living in Laramie to attempt to resolve imbalances felt in my proper path.  I included a rather detailed account of the reasons I do not and have not for some time held faith in the Christian religion, including the fact that Abraham and Sarah and Hagar of the Old Testament/Torah were nigh certainly named after Brahma and Saraswati and Ghaggar (a tributary river to the Saraswati), Krishna was the basis of the Christ mythology/story, and that Islam inadvertently hails Shiva and Kali/Uma/Parvati . . . i.e., the Hindu Trimurti is the template for the Abrahamic religions. The below letter of renunciation was sent January 8, 2010 to the church which held the baptism ceremony during which I was dunked:

Jeffrey Charles Archer
PO Box 851
Laramie, Wyoming  82073
First Baptist Church
521 S. Broadway
Ada, OK  82073
Dear fellow humans and truth seekers,
I am writing this letter to let your congregation know that I have formally renounce my baptism, that occurred when I was abiding in Ada, and took place in the baptismal on your premises as Trinity Baptist Church was undergoing renovations.  Since my baptism and ordination, the latter of which I have already sent letters renouncing, I have come to realize that the teachings of the Baptist faith, and of modern Christianity in general, are in many respects mistaken.  I appreciate much of the message of Jeshua ben Joseph, and believe he was very likely an avatar, though not the only avatar (incarnation of a form of divine being) ever to have lived as a human.  I believe that numerous men and women have existed as avatars on this planet to help other sentient beings to meet their good potentials.
I am a trained historian, if somewhat of a dilettante in practice, and have concluded that it is clear that much of the truth of the origins of the Christian faith have been obscured, and in some cases intentionally.  The purported founders of the Hebrew religion, Abraham and his wife Sarah and her maidservant Hagar (touted as the mother of the Arab peoples) were clearly connected to the Brahmins, the priestly caste of India.  Their migration (or expulsion) from lands where practices derived from India’s Brahmin religion led Abraham (or a tribe represented by that name) to adopt a differing set of beliefs, whether led to do so by his own volition or a spirit, emblematic of his rejection of or by his former fellow Brahmins.  The obvious analogy of the names Abraham and Sarai and Hagar, to Brahma (first person of the Hindu Trimurti) and Saraswati (Brahma’s consort) and Ghaggar (tributary river to the Saraswati river on the Indian subcontinent)--records of whom predate the Hebrew, Christian and Muslim founding family led by Abraham--is enough to convince me that much of the true story has been suppressed.
I also believe the symbol of the covenant which Abraham made with his god, the physical violation that is circumcision, is a violation of human rights.  To mangle a child in such a manner is wrong and unnatural.  Do not mistake, I am not an anti-Semite.  I have much respect for all peoples and lifeways, insofar as their customs are not violations of human rights or of what is good and natural.  This rite also clearly is related to a particularly embarrassing myth about Brahma, though I shan't go into detail regarding this, which is recorded in my blog at http://karma-dharma-bhutadaya.blogspot.com in the post titled "One, Two Three, What're we Fightin' For?"
The figure of the second person of the Hindu Trimurti (which translates to “Trinity”), Vishnu, who is also known as Krishna, very much corresponds to “Christ” and the religion that is named after that appellation (though I should note, Jeshua ben Joseph would likely never have been called Christos, a Greek word meaning “anointed,” during his lifetime.  The Hebrew word Messias or its Aramaic equivalent meaning “anointed” would have more likely been the word his disciple answered when asked by Jeshua, “Who do you say that I am?”). 
Krishna’s followers are the Gopis which are the ten-thousand milkmaids he makes love to, very much like the term for Jeshua’s followers “the Bride of Christ.”  There is also a story of which I have been made privy which tell of Krishna having been crucified on a tree and having risen, though I have not as yet done exhaustive research as to the date of this particular story.  Nonetheless, Krishna does predate “Christ’s” advent by a few thousand years.
Siva, the third person of the Hindu Trimurti, wears a crescent moon in his hair.  Islam is represented by a crescent moon, though this symbol is said to be attributed to well after Mohammed’s time.  Uma is one of the names of Mahadevi (“Great Goddess”), Siva’s consort in motherly form.  Ummah is one of the most important tenets of Islam, which means “community.”  Another of Siva’s consorts names is Kalima, a wrathful form of Devi (“Goddess”).  The primary confession of Islam is one of what they term the “Kalimas.”  The Kaaba, Islam’s temple, was previously a temple to Siva and Kalima, and a Siva linga stone reportedly remains within the Kaaba.  I have also recently discovered information indicating that “Allah” without the "h" is one of Durga’s names, another form of Siva’s consort.
These very clear analogies, and the fact that Hinduism’s Trimurti predates the Judeo-Christian-Islamic versions, is enough to convince me that much of the greater story remains to be told, and has in fact been intentionally suppressed by “Western” scholars and theologians, as well as those of other traditions.  I have also found that my incorporation of practices and devotion via certain traditions issuing from India, and specifically Sivite traditions, has proven more commensurate with my true nature, and with what I have discovered as rather more honest than the traditions I was led to believe within traditional Christian dogma.  A very interesting fact most often suppressed by contemporary Christian beliefs is that both Hebrew people to this day and many early Christians believed in reincarnation. 
My studies of many other systems of belief and traditions throughout what is known of human (and divine) history reify my convictions of the fact that much of the truth of the relationships between human beings and divine being has yet to be disclosed.  These and other factors have led me to the decision that it is proper to renounce my having been symbolically made “twice-born” (a term also used to denote the Brahmin caste of India, by the way), as I do not believe that that is my proper path.
I do not wish to utterly deny that much good has come from the actions of Christian peoples (though much violence and evil, also, as by the hands of nearly every sectarian group), and do wish to encourage the members of your congregation to continue to act to do good works to help the needy and to meditate on compassion, kindness, and to search for truth as said endeavor assist you each in compassionate action and to meet your fullest potentials as “gods, made to live as the sons of men” (Psalm 82).  Nonetheless, I feel that I ought to inform your congregation, which was helpful and encouraging to me at a formative period in my life, of these clear evidences that much of the truth has been suppressed, and of the aforementioned factors as motivations to my decision to renounce my baptism.
Jeffrey Charles Archer
Laramie, Wyoming
Similar letters were sent to all those churches with which I had significant interactions or involvement.  I am posting this for the record, as I would wish to present myself honestly and without doubt as to the truth of both my own life and personal narrative and the truth of history generally.