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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Green Party Response to Obama's First 100 Days

Below is a copy of parts of the text from an email I recieved from the Green Party of the United States. It's assessment of our better but still not up to par President is a fair and just assessment. Please consider . . .

Dear ___________,

We need your help. Given the world that is fast coming upon us, we need to take full measures, not half-steps, in order to create a livable and sustainable world. That is the essence of the Green Party. After 100 days of Obama's presidency, it has become clear that we are a far cry from where we need to be as far as civil liberties, the environment, the economy, health care, and the military. The Green Party has real solutions to the problems at hand. Please look over the 100 Day Report Card below. Keep in mind that C is "good enough"; in percentages, in order to get a "better than average" grade, you need to score 80%.
Is the Obama administration doing "good enough" or "better than average"? We don't think so! If you see your vision reflected below, donate what you can to ensure that the Green Party is strong and able to put the necessary pressure on our monied system.

Civil liberties: F
The Executive Branch is finally following the law by releasing and repudiating the Bush Administration's legal memos that attempted to justify torture. The President also raised the possibility of prosecuting those responsible for providing that justification.

However, the Obama Administration defends the illegal wiretapping program, leaves the door open to outsourcing torture through "extraordinary rendition", and argues that prisoners can be denied habeas corpus if they are shipped to the Bagram prison in Afghanistan instead of Guantanamo! The Administration also opposes a Congressional truth commission to investigate torture by the Bush Presidency, although citizen pressure may successfully force an investigation.

Obama supporter Glenn Greenwald, who writes for Salon.com, recently wrote: "What's being asserted here by the Obama DOJ is the virtually absolute power of presidential secrecy, the right to break the law with no consequences, and immunity from surveillance lawsuits so sweeping that one can hardly believe that it's being claimed with a straight face."

The Green Party supports a ban on torture, the repeal of the Patriot Act and the Military Commissions Act of 2006, and opposes the warrantless surveillance of US citizens, 'extraordinary rendition' of prisoners to extract information, and denial of habeas corpus and due process.

Environment: D+
The Obama Administration has taken some positive steps on global warming by allowing the EPA to regulate greenhouse gases as pollutants, initiating legislation to reduce greenhouse gases, and providing funds for alternative energy in the recently passed economic stimulus bill.

Unfortunately, the Administration has committed to spending only $145 billion on alternative energy over the next 10 years, about 0.1% of our country's gross domestic product (GDP). In contrast, the proposed military budget for 2010 alone is $664 billion. The Administration supports nuclear power and "clean" coal, and its proposed cap and trade scheme is vulnerable to abuses such as free giveaway licenses for utilities to emit greenhouse gases. In the European Union, free licenses have resulted in increased emissions from coal plants that have offset the reductions gained from new wind power.

The Green Party advocates a moratorium on new coal fired power plants, ending subsidies to the nuclear and fossil fuel industries, increasing CAFÉ standards, and ending mountaintop removal mining. (And though not mentioned in this letter, the Green Party also advocates environmentally friendly alternatives such as wind and solar energy)

Economy: D-
The Obama Administration's economic stimulus bill is headed in the right direction with new infrastructure projects that can put Americans back to work. Plans to let the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy expire are also encouraging.

However, the stimulus was too small and too focused on tax cuts. The Administration's plans for repairing the financial system are likely to result in a great deal of wasteful spending, reward those who got us into the current economic crisis, and ignore the fundamental problems. It is unfortunate that the Administration has rejected calls to nationalize the largest and most insolvent banks in favor of a plan that loans nearly $1 trillion to hedge funds to indirectly subsidize the banks. By contrast, Wall Street Journal recently reported that only "10% of borrowers in some stage of foreclosure appear to be eligible for the federal aid to homeowners program."

The Green Party advocates ending trade in the highly speculative financial instruments that helped cause the crisis, restoring regulations on banks, breaking up financial conglomerates, promoting small local banks and credit unions, implementing a much larger public works program, and working to build a steady state economy based upon sustainability.

Health Care: D+
The Obama Administration has proposed substantial increases in federal spending in order to extend health coverage to more Americans. The Administration's spending plans will extend coverage only to about one-half of uninsured Americans and are short of effective methods for cost control.

The Green Party continues to advocate the single-payer health care systems as the most efficient and effective way to deliver health care to all Americans

Foreign policy/military: D
The Obama Administration has taken a few encouraging steps, such as starting to at least open talks with foreign leaders. The President has shown an increased willingness to negotiate with Iran, and has stated plans to discuss nuclear arms reductions with Russia. However, there are numerous loopholes in the agreement to withdraw all troops from Iraq by the end of 2011, and the Administration is re-deploying some of the troops to Afghanistan. The U.S. is also continuing to launch military operations in Pakistan that have killed and displaced many civilians and contributed to destabilizing the country. The Administration also plans to maintain unnecessarily high levels of military spending.

The Green Party advocates the complete and immediate withdrawal of all U.S. troops and contractors from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq and deep reductions in military spending.

This assessment is fair. Though I support President Obama over the recently proffered viable (i.e., likely to be elected) alternatives, and as a better Prez. than several preceding, his actions are still half-steps, if that. If this world is to become sustainable and this nation to find equalibrium with nature and the rest of the world, to establish justice and proper equality, much stronger action is needed. Please consider . . .

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Madhi and/or Mahdi?

I have posted a few posts dealing with the more than coincidental coinciding metaphors in the Hindu Trimurti and the Judaic, Christian and Islamic traditions. Of significant interest in world affairs these days is the conflict between the primary divisions of Islam, and their interpretation of a particular figure they are seeking called Mahdi. I noticed a kirtan chant I downloaded in a torrent of songs in praise of Devi entitled Madhi Sarada Devi, and thought to look up the Sanskrit definition of this term that seems obviously related to the construction of the concept of the Islamic Prophecy regarding the Mahdi.

मधि mADhi f. (only L.) the fibre or the germ of a leaf ; honouring , reverencing (fr. %{mah}) ; dejection , sadness ; a back or double tooth (also %{maDhI}) ; poverty , indigence ; anger , passion ; the hem or border of a garment ; N. of a district. (Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon)

Mahdi (مهدي Mahdī, also Mehdi; "Guided One") "According to the Shia and Sunni versions of the Islamic eschatology the Mahdi (مهدي Mahdī, also Mehdi; "Guided One") is the prophesied redeemer of Islam who will stay on earth seven, nine, or nineteen years (depending on the interpretation[1]) before the coming of the day, Yaum al-Qiyamah (literally "Day of the Resurrection" or "Day of the Standing")." (Wikipedia article "Mahdi").

Interesting to consider, as such connections are important in understanding the underpinnings of the world's conflicts. Most of what the media refers to as "sectarian conflict" is between the aforementioned groups in Islam and their views of the aforementioned term. I will not make any further comment regarding the interesting correlation with the Sanskrit term that seems related.

(For background information on other obvious correlations between Islam and the Third Person of the Hindu Trimurti, Siva, and those great Devis that are affiliated with said figure, as well as the correlations between Judaism and Bramah (First Person of the Trimurti) and Krishna (one of ten avatars of the Trimurti) see previous post entitled "The Hidden Origins of the West").

Friday, April 24, 2009

The Truth of Global Warming: Evidences of A Warmer Side to Human History--But Coal is Still Bad to Burn

This map from 1531 shows Antartica with rivers flowing and with the Ross and Ronne Ice Shelves gone . . .

This map from 1513 shows the coast of Antartica, including portions that are currently covered in ice . . .

And this map, dated 1737 shows Antartica as two seperate land masses, as it is underneath the ice sheet . . .

How could it be, if Antartica has been covered in ice for tens of thousands of years (as most modern climate scientists maintain), that these old maps show Antartica in various stages of being ice-free?

I would not maintain that human contribution to global warming--a phenomenon I do not deny, by the way--is a good thing. Indeed, I believe the environmental awareness brought to folks by the obvious rises in temperature is a good thing. As centers of population grow hotter, people cannot deny the effect humans have upon this world. My only concern would be that in response to hotter days, folks resort to more polluting modes of energy production such as the filthy and exceedingly toxic use of nuclear power, rather than the completely viable and environmentally friendly sources such as wind and solar, biodiesel (algae-derived), etc.

It seems that a more general environmental consciousness has been raised by the obvious effects of global warming, as it seems more effective P.R. for environmental causes than the scarcely publicized millions who die slowly from cancer and other diseases caused by the more immediately toxic chemicals spewed out into our environment by many industries. Still, I believe these other pollutants are a much greater concern. CO2 is absorbed by plants, and they thrive as this gas is present to a moderately higher degree than currently is in our atmosphere--assuming precipitation is not adversely affected, which is uncertain as higher temperatures may well cause enough further evaporation of the oceans to cause more rainfall on landmasses, thus growing more plants, both thus cooling the temperatures.

Nonetheless, concern about human contribution is merited, and the coal-fired power plants that are most to blame for this human contribution also spew out sulphur and nitrogen compounds that cause acid rain, as well as polluting with heavy metals such as mercury and cadmium. Below is a list of the pollutants from a typical coal-fired power plant form the Union of Concerned Scientists website:

Burning coal is a leading cause of smog, acid rain, global warming, and air toxics. In an average year, a typical coal plant generates:

3,700,000 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2), the primary human cause of global warming--as much carbon dioxide as cutting down 161 million trees.

10,000 tons of sulfur dioxide (SO2), which causes acid rain that damages forests, lakes, and buildings, and forms small airborne particles that can penetrate deep into lungs.

500 tons of small airborne particles, which can cause chronic bronchitis, aggravated asthma, and premature death, as well as haze obstructing visibility.

10,200 tons of nitrogen oxide (NOx), as much as would be emitted by half a million late-model cars. NOx leads to formation of ozone (smog) which inflames the lungs, burning through lung tissue making people more susceptible to respiratory illness.

720 tons of carbon monoxide (CO), which causes headaches and place additional stress on people with heart disease.

220 tons of hydrocarbons, volatile organic compounds (VOC), which form ozone.

170 pounds of mercury, where just 1/70th of a teaspoon deposited on a 25-acre lake can make the fish unsafe to eat.

225 pounds of arsenic, which will cause cancer in one out of 100 people who drink water containing 50 parts per billion.

114 pounds of lead, 4 pounds of cadmium, other toxic heavy metals, and trace amounts of uranium.

These things said, regarding the issue of climate change, below are a number of excerpts of scriptures, mostly from the Mahabharata, which describe the hills around Mount Kailash--currently covered in tundra and ice--as covered in trees and gardens.

The Mahabharata, Book 13: Anusasana Parva

He crossed the Kailasa and the Mandara as also the golden mountains. Beyond those high and great mountains is situated that excellent region where Mahadeva, dressed as an humble ascetic, has taken up his residence. He circumambulated the spot, with concentrated mind, bending his head in reverence the while. Descending then on the Earth, he considered himself sanctified for having obtained a sight of that holy spot which is the abode of Mahadeva. Having circumambulated that mountain thrice, the Rishi, with face turned towards the north, proceeded with a joyous heart. He then beheld another forest that was very delightful in aspect. It was adorned with the fruits and roots of every season, and it resounded with the music of winged warblers numbering by thousands. There were many delightful groves throughout the forest.

The Mahabharata, Book 5: Udyoga Parva: Bhagwat Yana Parva: Section CXI

It was in this region, O thou foremost of all acquainted with Brahma, that Mahadeva first receiving her on his head, afterwards let (the sacred stream) Ganga fall from the heavens to the world of men. It was here that the Goddess (Uma) underwent her ascetic austerities from her desire of obtaining Maheswara (as her Lord). It was in this region that Kama, the wrath (of Siva), Himavat, and Uma, all together shone brilliantly. It was here, on the breast of Kailasa, O Galava, that Kuvera, was installed on the sovereignty of the Rakshasas, the Yakshas, and the Gandharvas. It is in this region that (Kuvera's gardens called) Chitraratha lie, and it is here that the asylum of (the Munis called the) Vaikhanasas is situate. It is here, O bull among the twice-born, that the celestial stream called Mandakini, and the mountain Mandara are to be seen. It is here that the gardens called Saugandhi-kanaka are always guarded by the Rakshasas. Here are many plains covered with grassy verdure, as also the plantain forest, and those celestial trees called the Sautanakas.

The Mahabharata, Book 3: Vana Parva: Tirtha-yatra Parva: Section CLII

"Having reached that spot, Bhimasena saw in the vicinity of the Kailasa cliff, that beautiful lotus lake surrounded by lovely woods, and guarded by the Rakshasas. And it sprang from the cascades contiguous to the abode of Kuvera. And it was beautiful to behold, and was furnished with a wide-spreading shade and abounded in various trees and creepers and was covered with green lilies. And this unearthly lake was filled with golden lotuses, and swarmed with diverse species of birds. And its banks were beautiful and devoid of mud. And situated on the rocky elevation this expanse of excellent water was exceedingly fair. And it was the wonder of the world and healthful and of romantic sight. In that lake the son of Kunti saw, the water of ambrosial taste and cool and light and clear and fresh; and the Pandava drank of it profusely. And that unearthly receptacle of waters was covered with celestial Saugandhika lotuses, and was also spread over with beautiful variegated golden lotuses of excellent fragrance having graceful stalks of lapis lazulis. And swayed by swans and Karandavas, these lotuses were scattering fresh farina.

The Mahabharata, Book 3: Vana Parva

O king the mountain Kailasa is six yojanas in height. It contains a gigantic jujube tree.

The Mahabharata, Book 5: Udyoga Parva: Section XI

And when Nahusha became the king of the gods, he surrounded himself with celestial nymphs, and with damsels of celestial birth, and took to enjoyments of various kinds, in the Nandana groves, on mount Kailasa, on the crest of Himavat, on Mandara.

The Mahabharata, Book 3: Vana Parva: Tirtha-yatra Parva: Section CXLIV

After having thus passed many countries, and also the Uttarakurus, they saw that foremost of mountains, the Kailasa, containing many wonders. And by the side of it, they beheld the hermitage of Nara and Narayana, with celestial trees bearing flowers and fruits in all seasons. And they also beheld that beautiful jujube of round trunk. And it was fresh; and of deep shade; and of excellent beauty; and of thick, soft and sleek foliage; and healthful; and having gigantic boughs; and wide-spreading; and of incomparable lustre; and bearing full-grown, tasteful, and holy fruits dropping honey. And this celestial tree was frequented by hosts of mighty sages, and was always inhabited by various birds maddened with animal spirits. And it grew at a spot devoid of mosquitoes and gad-flies, and abounding in fruits and roots and water, and covered with green grass, and inhabited by the celestials and the Gandharvas, and of smooth surface, and naturally healthful, and beauteous and cool and of delicate feel. Having reached that (tree) together with those bulls among Brahmanas, the high-souled ones gently alighted from the shoulders of the Rakshasas.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Former President and WWII General Warned of the Dangerous Military Industrial Complex

Why has this nation made pretense of seeking to bring peace to the world, whilst continuing to sell weapons to the worlds nations? Quite simply because the economy has become addicted to the manufacture and distribution of guns and tanks and warplanes, etc.

Even one of the most revered generals of WWII--and later President of the United States--warned of this, as the United States had built up an armaments industry of unparalleled proportions to meet the challenge of Nazi and Japanese aggression in the 1940's. These companies continued to make and sell weapons after WWII, and the government has played along with these "special interests" that do little except to encourage wars and suffering, and to create new problems the U.S. military "must resolve" as a result of the military industrial complex.

Check out Eisenhower's parting words at the end of his second term as President . . .


It's time to cut the U.S. military industrial complex, and replace lost employment with environmentally friendly and peace-promoting opportunities. It's time for radical change to our way of doing business.

Why not build hospital ships instead of warships? Why not convert high-altitude bombers to drop guided relief packages where relief workers cannot reach those suffering from disaster, such as in Burma, as the government would not allow international relief efforts after the typhoon that caused so much suffering amongst rural peoples? Why not build an enhanced Peace Corps to replace military employment?
Why not cut the Pentagon's 600 billion a year budget, and give at least half of that money to the Peace Corps and other like organizations?

Let the government know the business of war is out, and the business of peace and compassion is what we want our nation to export!! Write your representatives and vote for those who will help these changes to become reality!!

शन्ति शन्ति शन्ति (shanti--"peace")

Monday, April 20, 2009

Battle in Seattle

Though I did not make this call to Seattle to protest the injustices of the WTO and the continued exploitation of the poor nations of the world that were (and still largely are) the practices of the World Trade Organization and the "multinational corporations" which that organization mostly serves, my spirit was in tune with the protesters. Watch the trailer below, watch the movie, help change this world!!!


And some real footage from Seattle 1999 . . .

Though this was a whole ten years ago, the issues these protestors were peacefully standing up about (or in many cases, sitting for) are still issues today. Multinational Corporations continue exploiting the poor (and to an overtly lesser degree, exploiting the middle-class). Oil companies displace indigenous peoples and leave once free and self-sufficient people in shanty towns, stripped of land, cultural integrity, freedom and health so said companies can destroy the environment to get at oil underneath the earth, so you can drive your gas-guzzling SUV.

These videos also show the sorry state to which "freedom" in this land has come to. The Constitutional violations apparent in these videos are startling, yet the authorities were not called to answer for their criminal actions against peacefully assembled citizens.

We have a new President, and though many of his policies are certainly a step in the Rta (proper) direction, much needs to be done to balance the wrongs done by this nation's government, as well as many other organizations who have promoted the exploitation of the poor in favor of the rich.

What can we do as individuals? Live conscientiously. Think about what you buy, and about the impact of your lifestyle on others in this world, and make what changes will better--if only at a tiny level--the socio-economic and environmental balance of this world.">

420, The Real Story

It's April 20

Two days before Earth Day

Eleven days till May Day

And a date celebrated by many a pothead . . .

Alas, I have no sweet tasty nuggets to celebrate (for the moment), but still am given pause to think of the origins of this odd subcultural celebration.

One rumor (promoted by High Times) is that some dudes in California decided to meet every day after school at 4:20 to puff. Various other proposals have been made as to the origins of this now internationally recognized code for smoking herb.

I believe, however, that the truth of this symbolic referent comes (as have so many things in this world) from India. In India and Pakistan, the term "420" has long been synonomous with "corruption" or "graft," as section 420 of the Indian Penal Code, established in 1860, covers this area of offense.

The exceedingly popular 1950's Indian film "Shri 420" ("Mr. 420") is about a fella falsely thought to be a con-man. In my assessment, the American use of "420" as slang for smoking herb likely derived from hippies travelling the Hippie Trail through Asia, who likely picked up on the term from the Indian/Pakistany usage, and decided smoking herb to be symbolic of burnin' "the Man," else otherwise symbolically burning the corruptions they viewed at home in America.

Regardless of the precise mode by which "420" was transmitted from India to America, and specifically pot smokin' culture, I am convinced that India's usage of the term is whence derives the American usage.

Happy 420, regardless!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Do Dinosaurs Still Exist?

This is a relief carving at Angkor Wat in Cambodia dating well over a thousand years old. It depicts what is clearly a stegosaurus. If these monks living at this temple were merely amatuer paleontologists, how did they depict this creature in such detail as has only in recent decades been available to modern paleontology?

Below is a four thousand year old mesopotamian seal that clearly depicts a sauropod, with appropriate musculature even . . .

Thousands of these clay figurines were found in the Acumbaro area in Mexico, all dating to at least one thousand years in age.

The infamous Ica stones, though without much of a patina (and thus indicating possible recent artwork), still give one cause to wonder.

And below is from footage shot by a Japanese film crew who were among many expeditions to the deep Congo in search of Mokele-mbembe, "the one who stops rivers from flowing" in the lingala language of the native pygmie people of the area. These people claim that the giant, four-legged, long necked and long tailed beast yet lives in the deepest jungles of Africa. This is nearly the only photographic or film evidence, but certainly something to wonder about.

The natives of Africa's jungles from Cameroon, Congo, and to Kenya tell of a variety of cryptids whose descriptions fit them well with what is known of various dinosaur species, including some which seem to be apatosaurus ("brontosaurus"), stegosaurs, and even the beloved triceratops. Fiction? Linguistic misinterpretation? or are there still dinosaurs living on earth, hidden in the deep jungles and swamps of Africa? Fun to consider, anyhow . . .

DNA Database and You . . .

Orwell, 1984. Huxley, Brave New World. And now, 2009.

Yes, the lovely innovations of the 21st century have brought us into an era of DNA cataloging. Now, it is not just convicted felons who go on file, but any arrested for any reason, if the FBI has its way. From a current database of 6.7 million, the FBI plans to be adding 1.2 million DNA records per year to its files by 2012. Welcome to the DNA surveilance society!!

What comes next? Selective breeding? DNA-based discrimination? Cleansing campaigns to rid society of the genetically deficient? Well, at least the increasing loss of anonymity and privacy . . .


Friday, April 10, 2009


As a child, I was quite fascinated with wolves, which at the time had no officially acknowledged presence in my home state, despite millions of acres of wilderness. The Native American tribes here and elsewhere did not treat the wolf as a competitor, but as brothers. One of the tribes of my ancestors (the Cherokee) even have a clan named after the wolf, and only members of this clan could keep as pets or kill these majestic creatures, though the wolf has been missing from Cherokee country for longer than they've been absent from Wyoming.

Thanks to the efforts of conservationists, wolves have been returned to Wyoming, Montana and Idaho, but now face the premature delisting of this species as Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar has again reversed the reversal of the delisting of wolves from the Endangered Species list. In other words, they now face the threat of up to 1,000 out of less than 1,700 being killed.


To allow the wolf to almost reach slightly sustainable numbers, then to cull over half the population is absurd!

Ranchers have nothing to complain about, as the conservation group Defenders of Wildlife and others have been amply compensating any livestock losses that are due to wolf predation.

There is no reason this species should not be allowed to repopulate many more of the wild regions in this state and others. It is only anachronistic prejudice and ignorance that want to see this scarcely recovered species once again pushed to the brink. Many sportsmen and ranchers agree.

Please take action and sign the petition (link to petition sight below) to ask President Obama to stop the premature delisting of the grey wolf and/or call the White House to stop this irrational reversal of this endangered species success story before delisting commences on May 4 of this year.


Thursday, April 9, 2009


How many of you know about the coal slurry disaster in Tennessee that occurred in December? Probably only a few, because the mainstream media did not report on this disaster that was many times as destructive as the Exxon Valdez disaster.

What about the nuclear wastewater spill that occurred in the Sea of Japan as a result of an earthquake that ruptured the holding facilities at the world's largest nuclear reactor? The media gave this one a bit of coverage, but downplayed the effects.

There is no sense in continuing to mine and drill for "resources" that keep the lights on whilst we are slowly poisoning ourselves and our environment. And you cannot trust the media to inform you of these events, as they are in the pocket of various corporation's interest (I do not use the term "corporate interest" as this implies "everyone's interest," when in fact it is only wealthy executives who really gain from so called "corporate interests" in this guise--words spun spin your head, if you are not aware).

There are viable alternatives, such as wind, solar, conscientious use of hydro-power, etc. We must demand the swift transition to these environmentally friendly modes NOW!!!! WE MUST TAKE ACTION before we irrevocably destroy our future, and the future of our children and life on earth generally.




Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Food Not Lawns

During visits to my paternal grandparents and great-grandparents in Oklahoma, amongst the most memorable parts of the experience was time spent in my great-grandparents garden. They grew beans, peas, tomatoes, okra and various greens, and etc., etc. They had pear and pecan and apple trees, and canned and froze what they couldn't eat during the summer for homegrown food all winter long.

My paternal grandparents had a garden, but it was significantly smaller. My parents gave food gardens a shot during a few years, but put minimal efforts into these endeavors. It seems this is emblematic of food production in this nation in general. Those who came from rural/agrarian roots, and especially those who experienced the Great Depression knew the importance of self-sufficiency, and with a garden at least you don't go hungry even if dirt poor.

These days, though the movement towards more natural and organic foods has become en vogue, most urban yards are yet covered in water-wasting, useless lawns of grass that are generally kept mowed using extremely polluting gasoline mowers.

Whilst wandering out on the West coast, I encountered a group called "Food Not Lawns"--sorta a spin-off of Food-Not-Bombs. These groups of volunteers take "donated" lawn space and plant food. What a concept!! And in fact one many of your grandparents, most of your great-grandparents, and nigh all of your great-great-grandparents took for granted.

Consider walking down the street with apples and plums and pears dangling over the sidewalk, ripe for the pickin'. Imagine Thanksgiving dinner where the carrots, beets, potatoes and salad all grew in what used to be your acre of useless grass. Imagine the security of knowing even if the economy crashes and you lose your job, you will have something to eat.

Consider: Think Globally, Act Locally.


Oh yeah!!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Kudos to Obama: Nuke Free World!!!!!!

Just wanted to offer a few words of praise for Obama's recently stated commitment to a nuclear weapons free world!!!!!


Keep it up, and this world might just make it!!!!!!

The Truth About the World's Most Popular Faith

First, let me caveat this post by expressing certain salient features of my past: As a fifteen year old, I spent the summer with my paternal grandparents in Oklahoma, and was compelled to attend church with my granny. I was rather an awkward youth as a high school freshman to be, and had not felt as if I fit in at any of the schools I had attended to this point in life. I attended a large Baptist summer camp called Falls Creek, and at the end had the typical emotional conversion experience. The kids in the youth group were very nice to me, and the youth minister was particularly welcoming.

The structure and community created by the church I attended was fairly nurturing, and offered a needed boost to my self-esteem. Because I had not been exposed to anything better (which I later would when I found myself amongst the company of hippies--real hippies, mind you, and not mere stoners), I continued on the path to become a minister, and was licensed and ordained and pastor of a small church by twenty-one years of age. Whilst attending a Southern Baptist University, however, I began to be exposed to ideas by various Humanities and Social Science profs which caused me to question what I had been taught in church and in the quite conservative religion department at OBU. Before my undergraduate career was over, I had resigned my ministry and picked up a second major, History.

I then attended a Master's degree program at the University of Chicago, one of the top universities in the world in my field of inquiry, and many other disciplines as well.

Basically I am saying I was given an inside view of Christianity and church, and have the professional historical training to qualify my opinions even by institutional standards. I am grateful for the kindness and community that was offered by a local church, and value those aspects of said institution, however . . .

Anyhow, those things established, on to the meat of this post . . .

Essentially, I shall contend herein that mainstream Western historians have systematically lied about the history of "the Western world" (I use quotes to call into question the very designations of "West" and "East"--India is closer to where I sit writing this if one travels West, for example). Abraham and Sarah and Haggar were preceded by Brahma, Saraswati and Ghaggar, Hindu creator deity and his consorts; Jeshua ben Joseph (aka, "Jesus Christ") was preceded by Krishna, whose mythology is an obvious pattern after which the life story of Jeshua was devised (not that he didn't really live, and not that he was not an avatar, mind you); and Islam likewise followed various patterns set in Sivite mythology (for more on these obscured and intentionally hidden roots of "Western Civilization," see previous post "Hidden Origins of the West").

The fact that Western historians and theologians had to lie, obscure, edit and dishevel regarding the roots of their religions speaks volumes. Religions that purport to expound absolute truth cannot hinge on denials and historical fallacies. Very telling of this sick tendency was a statement one of my religion professors at Oklahoma Baptist University made when we were discussing the founders of Judaism, mentioning the aforementioned connection between Abraham and his posse and Brahma and adding, "but we know better than that, don't we?" with a rather menacing furrow of his brow and frown. INDEED, THEY DO GOD DAMNED WELL KNOW BETTER, THESE SUPPOSED SCHOLARS OF PURPORTED TRUTH PROMOTE BALD-FACED LIES!!!!!!!

Beyond these glaring historical fallacies upon which Christianity bases many of its claims, the teaching that Jeshua's death somehow fixes what's wrong with the world and his follower's sins is clearly in conflict with Jeshua's own words as recorded in the New Testament, "You shall reap what you sow," i.e., karma-dharma, and also with his very strong words in the "parable of the sheep and goats," wherein the church builders and prophesiers and exorcists are sent to hell 'cuz they didn't attend to the poor and hungry, and those who weren't even his devotees yet who ministered to the needy got to hang out in heaven. In other words, karma-dharma, actions reap consequences, and compassion in action outweighs religiosity. It rather seems that many, if not most Christians are trying to write themselves a free-pass by selecting "truth" and twisting teaching from their own sacred books.

Another glaring fallacy of the teachings of Christianity is the notion of getting into some eternal heaven-realm just 'cuz you say a prayer and get dunked or sprinkled. Just say the magic words and mean 'em, and you go to some never ending paradise. Even the last verses of the New Testament deny this by stating, "and heaven and earth shall pass away . . ." Also of note, one renound evalngelical theologian promotes a version of afterlife that sounds rather like one of the hell realms told of in Hinduism, wherein the sun is gone or obscured, and only some "inner light" remains. Indeed, sounds like a "dark planet" hell realm in Hindu cosmology . . .

In the name of Christ, millions have been murdered and tortured and villainized. In the name of Christ, millions have been fed and clothed and sheltered. In the name of Christ, many have been unjustly judged (yo' you fuckin' puritanical witch hunters and scarlet-lettering shits, you forget "judge not, lest ye be judged?"). In the name of Christ and practices he promoted, many have found a path out of whatever personal sin or spiritual mire.

My point is, though Jeshua ben Joseph may have been an avatar--likely of Krishna--and though much wisdom and truth might be found in some of his recorded sayings, those who promote the religion that claims him as their own base their beliefs on numerous historical lies, and an excessive denial of "father Abraham's" roots (see previous post, "One, Two, Three, What Are We Fightin' For?"), and quite a number of convenient twists on Jeshua's own words. Though many have been given food and clothes and shelter by those who claim allegiance to Jeshua, many of those were stripped of land, means of making a living, and healthy cultural integrity by Christian colonialists who conquered and destroyed and violated indigenous peoples lives whilst bearing crosses--in other words, destroyed their lives, and then offered a few token gestures "in the name of Jesus," whilst continuing to exploit people and steal land and gold and freedom.

My claim is that there exists a sincere need to unabashedly and self-critically reexamine the roots of civilization and religion, and dismantle or "deconstruct" the myths (and lies) upon which "the West" has promoted and justified itself. I wouldn't necessarily wish for a dismantling of all "Christian institutions," mind you. Rather, I would ask those who claim they revere honesty to be honest with themselves and the rest of the world, and to cease to harm others with their conflation of Jeshua and capitalism, us-versus-them-isms, and traditions over truth.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Obama Notwithstanding, There is Yet Oppression!

Think the days of "The Battle for Seattle" are over?

Check out this recent footage from the G20 summit:


Despite those changes being made by the Obama administration, the oppression of dissent is still to be found even in the (supposedly) most democratic of countries. Even peaceful protesters are routinely corralled and beaten by "riot police."

The World Police State must fall!!! The establishment continues to resist reform, to deny civil and human and constitutional rights, and to fight tooth and nail against those who would see a clean, healthy, just, free and equal society. Those welcomed yet rather slight steps forward represented by the election of Barack Obama are not what is necessary. If we are to secure the sustainability, justice, environmental responsibility, etc., necessary to assure the healthy continuation of human society as we (or some still relatively small portion of the world's population) currently enjoy, MUCH MORE RADICAL CHANGE IS NECESSARY.

This country's electrical needs could be fulfilled by 92x92 miles of concentrated solar plants (fields of mirrors in the desert) (see preceding post). That's no more land than is currently desimated by coal production at any given time.

Biodiesel from algae could replace the die