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Hindu Gods and Goddesses

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Western Religions Mix Up Who's God and Who's the Lord of Hell . . . Seriously !!!

I've been contemplating and researching the relationship between the Abrahamic religions and what is clearly their true parent religion, sanAtana dharma or "Hinduism."  I have already posted several posts which explicate the obvious connection between the Hindu Creator Brahma and His Consort Saraswati and Ghaggar (a tributary to the Saraswati River) and Abraham and Sarah and Haggar, as well as the connections between Krishna and Christ and Shiva and Islam.  I think I may have figured out the person in the Hindu religion who is namesake to Yahweh: the Hindu Lord of Death and Lord of Naraka-Loka (Hell), Yama.

The Hebrews believe that "the righteous" go to a place called Sheol or "the bosom of Abraham" after they die, awaiting judgement day.  This place is underground and is translated into Greek as "Hades," in other words, Hell.  Essentially, the Jews' god Yahweh is Yama, who is actually a good guy and who is in fact the dude responsible for the teaching and schooling of those not devoted to the true Divine, both above and below ground, despite recent (most recent two thousand years) Western mythology touting that the Lord of Hell is "the Devil," who is represented as evil.  It has become clear to me that in fact the mythology about "the Devil" is essentially an attempt to turn God and Goddess, Deva and Devi, into the bad guys.  The figure of the Devil is largely drawn from the Horned God, who is more than akin to Shiva, God the Destroyer, and likely Deva Shiva's Consort Devi Parvati, the Mother of the Universe, who is known as Devi Lalitha in Her most playful form.  Lalitha is who the Jews turned into their "Lilith," one of their most reviled "demons."

Abraham and abrahman (Sanskrit for "no God") are quite clearly related figures/figurations.  Buddhists taut abrahman as one of the tenets of their belief, thus most Hindus call them atheists.  From these obvious analogies, apparently Jews, Christians and Muslims are children of someone who's name seems to mean "no-God."  More on this in later posts . . .

Namaste . . . Namaskar