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Friday, March 25, 2011

What would it take to run this entire country on clean energy from the sun?


Answer: About 12.5% of the Sonora Desert, or 15,000 square mile/9.5 million acres. Compare this to the 450 million acres currently used as crop land (the majority of which is irresponsibly and inefficiently used for animal feed--more on the gross inefficiency of meat production compared to vegetable/grain production for human comsumption in a later post) and 500 million acres used as grazing land!! I already posted this statistic, but found a link that explains the calculations . . .

Link to the calculations and statistics:


In response to any concerns about the potential environmental impact of these algae farms, consider that the apparatuses necessary to produce the algae could be built where little to no foliage is currently existing, and would actually provide shade to create habitat for many desert dwelling species. And also consider that the toxicity of biodiesel (b100) is negligible, whereas diesel and gasoline are both highly toxic and pose long term hazards to plant, animal and human life.


The magic of mirrors . . . most of us gaze into these reflective surfaces every day to do hair, brush teeth, and get presentable for a day at work or school. They allow astronomers to gaze deep into space, give drivers a rear-view, and now with centuries-old technology, with some new innovations, mirrors could generate enough electricity to power the whole country by utilizing a combined area of only 92 miles by 92 miles!!! That's only twice the size of the county I currently abide in (Albany County, Wyoming)!!! This is also similar to the area that is currently being heavily disturbed and significantly impacted by coal mines in this country.

Obviously these fields of mirrors would be spread across the country, minimizing any environmental impact, but this would entirely do away with the need for the excessively destructive practices of coal mining, natural gas production, etc., etc., to meet the current electricity needs of the United States!!!! Not to mention that this process would absord some degree of the sun's radiation, thus aleviating some degree of the greenhouse effect!!


The only potential environmental hazard would be birds running into the mirrors, though with some ingenuity and research there should be some means of preventing the inadvertant avian kamakazes from mistaking the mirrors for open sky, else the warped reflection would be deterant enough.

Check out this article, which gives a breakdown of this land area, and some other facts regarding this amazing energy technology:


Insofar as liquid fuel for automobiles and trains, Biodiesel produced from algae could supply the nations need for diesel fuel with only 125 miles by 125 miles of Southwestern desert with current technology (12.5% of the Sonoran Desert's landmass).

Healthy and sustainable answers for our world and environment are there!! Now let's make it happen!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hidden Origins of the West (repost)

Hidden Origins of the West

As an undergrad,I was required to take a general Western Civilization course over two semesters. A History and a Literature professor teamed up to teach each section, and we were required to read assorted of the so called classics, and were also assigned history readings from the Western Civ. textbook. A pretty typical survey of so called "Western" history and literature over the expanse of a few thousand years.

As a student at a sectarian Christian institution, we were required to enroll in a semester each of Old and New Testament History. Though some of our professors indeed stimulated us to critically question the traditional receptions of both Western Civilization in general, and to a lesser degree, the conventional reception of the Bible, I have since realized the virtual conspiracy of European and American scholars--and not just the religious ones--to conceal the true origins of "Western" civilization and religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam, to be specific): India.

Abraham and Sarai and Hagar, progenitors of the Hebrew tradition through Sarai, and of the Arab peoples and later Islam through Hagar, were preceded in India by Brahma and his consort Saraswati and Ghaggar (a tributary to the Saraswati river once thought merely mythical by western scholars). According to the Torah, Abraham and his tribe came from Ur of the Chaldese, an area that was unquestionably the site of much activity by Brahmin priests.

Jeshua ben Joseph, who posthumously became known as "Jesus Christ" was preceded historically by Krishna. Krishna's followers are Gopis, his ten-thousand milkmaid lovers. Christ's followers are called the "Bride of Christ," an obvious analogy to "lovers."  It is my contention that Jesus Christ was in fact an Avatar of Ayyappa, Son of Shiva and Krishna when Krishna manifest Himself as a Goddess named Mohini. (see post titled The True Identity of Jesus Revealed)

Several of the primary tenets of Islam are directly analogous to the third person of the Hindu Trimurti (trinity) of Brahma, Vishnu (Krishna), and Siva. Siva wears a crescent moon in his hair. Islam has become represented by the crescent moon. The primary confession of Islam is one of the "kalimas." Kali Ma is the wrathful form of Siva's co-equal consort. Ummah, or "community" is among the primary tenets of Islam. Uma is the most motherly form of Siva's consort. The Kaaba, once a center of Hindu devotion, still contains a Siva Linga (phallic stone) according to some accounts. And I recently discovered that "Alla" is a name applied to Durga, another form of Devi (goddess) that is Siva's consort, yet again predating Islam. And Mecca, the holy city of Islam, is named after the moon god Al Makkah--and mAkali is . . . you guessed it, Sanskrit for moon or the chariot driver for Indra.

Cologne Online Sanskrit Lexicon entry:
461 mAkali m. the moon L. ; N. of the charioteer of Indra L. (cf. %{mAtali})

These versions of the divine in the Hindu Trimurti predate all three of these major and contentious world religions whose origin is supposedly in "the West." The Trimurti represents these three aspect of God (Creator, Maintainer, and Destroyer), as three faces on one head. Perhaps if scholarship and the general constituencies of the rather troublesome trio of Western religions were to recognize their various representations of God as but three faces of One Divinity, facets of a balanced understanding of that which is beyond mortal which predates and presages or emanates and supercedes their own various versions, they might learn to get along, and to be humble in their presumptions of inventing civilization and having the last word on God.

Also of note is that the Aryan invasion theory, i.e., that the dark-skinned peoples of India must have been invaded by blond-haired blue-eyed people from the north in order to have developed such a sophisticated civilization, has been largely disproven by recent evidences. Such racist notions from "Orientalist" scholarship, as well as suppression of the clear origins of the three aforementioned "Abrahamic" religions in India seems to convey that in their insecurities, scholars and theologians and historians of the "Western" world have been either systematically hiding something, or have been blind to the obvious. I recently came across a source which tells that one particularly noted Orientalist who lived towards the end of the nineteenth century, Max Muller (touted as the "father of comparative religion"), stated in a letter to his wife that he intentionally gave a late dating to the sacred texts of India and to the dates of Indian civilization in general, as he realized a threat to the underlying myths of Western civilization were he to tell the truth.

I wish to make these things known not to shame the heritage of Europe and America and the Middle East, nor the three religions of the "Western Tradition," from which have sprung much compassionate action and many good works in spite of sometimes violent interactions and whatever injustices sometimes fomented. Rather I would wish to inspire truly free inquiries and criticisms of traditions that, while noble on some fronts, indeed have been hiding no small degree of dishonest scholarship and lies maintained to prop up religious dogma and civic myths. It is my hope not to thus promote some other set of myths to replace these debunked, but to inspire a fearless examination of the past in order to learn how to live better in the present, and to dispense with false mythological constructs that unnecessarily divide peoples, East and West and North and South. Critical introspection and honest assessments of our origins and our common and unique heritages alike might help usher in an era of understanding and healing. This is my reason and want to rock the boat.

ॐ the sacred AUM (the usual English script phonetic spelling, though missing some of the substance of said sound), is the direct source of the mispronounced and derivative "Amen" of the Hebrew and Christian traditions, and somewhat more accurately pronounced "amin" of the Islamic tradition--though I ought to note, even most of the "Hindu" kirtan (call and response chant) leaders I have heard mispronounce ॐ . . . AUM maintains a slight ñ sound after the M sound.

It is my belief that those strands of the grand narrative that connect the Abrahamic religions to sanAtana dharma might well prove a key to peace in many of the world's current conflicts.  The subtleties of the discursive play of history revealed would certainly change the face of the Abrahamic religions and help us all to find resonance and peace in this world in the midst of the Kali Yuga...

Shanti peace salaam

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tsunami At Dana Point: Is This A Movie, A Dream, California on Such A Winter's Day?

Waking, sun showing mid-morning height: Scenes projected with people or spirit like or of ones I recognize and have known as the actors and actresses, as if a TV show or movie filmed in those varied locations I happen to abide at whatever given time, the dialogue and voice-over narratives not quite audibly presenting the purported plot and scheme and themes of this absurd dreamscape production. Certainly tied to Hollywood themes and memes, maya on and off the big screen and flat-screen boob-tube. X-wife's name's Holly Wood last I heard, and Uma Thurman shares first name with (or is to whatever degree) Uma Himavati, Daughter of the highest mountains, and I think I met her (Her?) once in North Hollywood. Stars and their likes, figures of fame and recognized players of thespian sorts, are at play in some cases as those Stars Divine play across the expanse of the globe and universe, to whatever degree. Woven plots not necessarily all prewrit, though some previewed in a dream rather epic in scope, and in scenes cut from the final show, or varied takes or rehearsals filmed, so to speak, perhaps memories transplanted from some other dimension paralleling plot and scheme of this dream-like experiencing of a story surreal and strange as any sci-fi episode on TV, Twighlight Zone bizarre and beyond that beyond, at the least.


Waiting, now, for supposed tsunami rippling across the Pacific: Channeled sources say, in a dimension a few steps away, t'was no small event, in the prescient practice place of mind or minds prepped for this playing of the production presented, rehearsed for multiple endings seems . . . just in case!! Scenario in which a wall o' water rolls o'er the shore to stories tall happened already, in some mind or dimension to which I've been made privy.


And the torrent comes: Saw the tsunami waves roll through the harbor here at Dana Point, whalewatching mecca and dot-com dollar built-up town, Orange County crazy!! Harbor resembled a river raging with one tidal wave swell nearly capsizing a motor cruiser and nigh colliding with another 25-30 foot boat. A floating dock was tossed about in this pinnacle of the tzunami's terror, too, here at Dana Point. Certainly not the havok wreaked up the coast and over the ocean. May compassion and healing follow in these waves' wake, and hidden blessings therein flow!!!!

And indeed, stories interweaving time-space, people and place, odd and intricate geometries, confluences and collisions and straight-up crashes even, as energies and personalities find unity to be a rather absurd drama at times, yoga writ and practiced large and kinda crazy, wherein word event meet with an average life lived displaying synchronicities and meanings overt and sublime. Tidal waves and other wonders, relating to mind and minds of others, and seeming some I've known, or like spirits of facades thereof; masquerade meets with my tirade as the milieu grows multifarious and at times seeming nefarious, yet mosty this plays out pleasingly enough (if the span of my travels since first embarked as a mendicant wanderer, November 1997, at least). Gives me cause to chuckle when a playful and well writ skit is revealed. Hee hee, haa haa!!!! May transformation of and through this terrible tragedy teach and heal and bring us appropriately closer to samadhi, hee hee !!!!