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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ancient Flight . . .

The Vedas and other Indian epics tell of vimana, flying machines of the gods, offering sometimes in depth descriptions of these in the Sanskrit texts. The heritage of Hindu sacred texts also tell of a variety of planets that serve as either heaven or hell realms, or varying realms in-between or outside of. Ancient Sumerian tablets tell of beings on other planets, and according to some purported experts, of the catastrophic consequences of collisions of planets and peoples with the inhabitants of earth. And below is a hieroglyph from a 3,000 year old archaeological sight in Abydos, Egypt depicting what look startlingly like flying machines.

There is a hieroglyphic depiction in the upper left that is clearly a crane-type helicopter, with an open place in the center to hoist and carry . . . big heavy chunks of rock to build a pyramid? The crane area of the "helicopter" is even directly below the center of lift, i.e., under the center of the rotors. Compare to the modern crane-copter in the pic above.

There is also an odd UFO lookin' thingy in the center-right, that many have noted looks much like another sort of flying machine. Compare this to the photo of a UFO taken from a boat on the way to Victoria Island in British Columbia. Minus the tail-fin, they are a perfect match--save for the odd curvature of the wings which might indicate the craft's wings are flexible, and curve according to steering and other flight requirements. The shape of the bellies of the two "craft" are extraordinarily similar.

I might consider the live photo a hoax, except for the fact that no one else seems to have made a connection between the live photo and this particular ancient hieroglyph, at least that I could find on the internet. Also, I discovered another photo of the same type of UFO taken in Great Britain, that despite critic's claim that one or the other must be a fraud, both shadows and angle of view differ enough between the photographic evidence of the two sightings to prove this was no photo-shop contrived similarity.

Below are a few more ancient models of what seem clearly aircraft. The metal model, one of many similar artifacts found from Central and South America, is dated to well over one thousand years old. A German aircraft engineer made a model of one of these, and it flew quite well. The wooden model is from an Egyptian tomb, and dates to 200 BCE, and has been tested in wind tunnels as extremely efficient at flight, once the apparently missing tail-wings were replaced.

I suppose there goes the notion that my great-grandmother's second cousins were the ones who invented flight.

More on evidences of advanced technologies from ancient times, and traces of extra-terrestrial influences upon ancient civilizations, later . . .

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