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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

San Francisco Makes Composting Mandatory

Despite the fact that some neighborhoods there were built on landfill, the city of San Francisco has decreed that all food waste be composted, and in fact levying heavy fines on businesses and others who fail to seperate food and recyclables and trash. Though those who've read this blog much might imagine I'd unequivocally agree with such an ordinance--and mostly I do like composting--I have to consider all those folks living in said metropolis who dumpster-dive to find good food tossed out by big grocery stores and so forth cuz there's a blemish on one banana in a bunch or a block of cheese is one day past it's shelf date. I hope at least, in light of sympathies and empathies with my dumpster diving comrades, that the compost bins will be designed with access for those who would scavenge still useful food before the next best thing is done with it. Otherwise, a pretty good move for this progressive place, my favorite big city of those I've come to know, I must say.

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