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Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Story Behind "The Sound of Silence"


As I mentioned in a previous post, President Eisenhower, decorated WWII general, warned of the dangers of the military industrial complex in his farewell address (see post titled, "Former President and WWII General Warned of the Dangerous Military Industrial Complex"). I did not mention that some have taken his warning as a concern about a specific technology that was first being developed in the 1950s that was then known as "The Sound of Silence," and has been developed and deployed as "Silent Sound Spread Spectrum." This technology was deployed by the United States military against Iraqi troops, leading to the unconditional surrender of well over 100,000 troops hidden in underground bunkers--most without firing a shot!! Some have contended that Paul Simon, whose family purportedly had military-industrial complex connections, was writing about this very nefarious technology when he penned the lyrics to the hit song.

There is concern by some that the fedies have plans to utilize these technologies on an unsuspecting populace IN OUR OWN NATION!!!! Already, other sound weapons have been openly used on peaceful protesters in this nation during the G-20 protests just a few months ago!!! This technology, called LRAD (Long Range Acoustical Device) produces sound waves at up to 50 times the human threshold for pain, and can cause permanent hearing damage.

The more frightening possibility is that very high and low frequency sound technology will be used (and perhaps already are being used) via transmitters placed alongside cellphone transmitters--or via the television set in your living room--to subliminally control peoples minds, political intentions, and even consumer choices (see link below for info.).


Be aware, and lets not let them take our freedom of mind and thought--after all, what good is freedom of the press, the right to bear arms, etc., if they're telling you what to think by subtle sound waves while you sleep or go about your daily routines?!?!

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