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I am a mystic madman, a wandering wildman, scholar of esoterica, dilettante sadhu, dready-headed hippie (only have a few jata on the back of my head right now, though more be forming of this third set of knotted hair), gentle yogi, fierce foe of falsity. I was a preacher, but I renounced that. I was married, but she renounced me. I was a grad student at one of the top universities in the world on my way to becoming a professor, but I realized they taught lies there too. I am protector of souls, lover of mountains, smoker of herb, fond of hot springs, oceans and lakes and rivers and rain and sunshine, devotee of Devi.

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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Danced Tonight . . .

Danced tonight . . . observing flow whilst dancing with apropos response and interjection to the scene I saw, accelerating a return to a better flow in fits and starts. People both in mind and manifest appear on cue, and real-er than just acting too, yet choreographed and yet here and now and self-empowered.

First band, first time on stage, something about root crops with righteous posteriors. Beetbox, rhutabega rockin', talented guitar and vocals, sweet keyboard and surprise drummers, and a nice last song i took to be about Bhoomi Devi--ya' know, Earth Mama stuff, yo!!

Second band, the getting-pretty-damn-tight reggae/generally together hippie flow of Upbeat Project. Slipped out for a toke with a friend from the first band, then returned to find a good portion of the rest of the crowd seemingly and some by self-report had followed suit, and the dance floor started to groove. Transformation via motion and music--not without a bit of natural plant and fermented catalyst and the band's second wind, and not necessarily in that order--got the last set rollin' like I like to see, sychronous groovin' bouncing 'round between musicians and crowd till a certain nata yoga is apparent to any with eyes to see...hee hee...in fact as many as three.

The unity of music and dance, musicians and dancers is some o' 'da best healing I know..therapy not based on questionable theory, but on beat, vibe, strings and skins taut with waves transmitted from human hand, keys and voices meeting a needing in the human body to expressing fluidly or otherwise the notes of Being in Unity. This is yoga!!!!

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