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I am a mystic madman, a wandering wildman, scholar of esoterica, dilettante sadhu, dready-headed hippie (only have a few jata on the back of my head right now, though more be forming of this third set of knotted hair), gentle yogi, fierce foe of falsity. I was a preacher, but I renounced that. I was married, but she renounced me. I was a grad student at one of the top universities in the world on my way to becoming a professor, but I realized they taught lies there too. I am protector of souls, lover of mountains, smoker of herb, fond of hot springs, oceans and lakes and rivers and rain and sunshine, devotee of Devi.

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Slight Refuge and Fleeting Habitat

My little refuge from the hustle and bustle of the big town of Laramie (or is it a little city?). Got a visit from a rather polite policeman who informed me that the Union Pacific people called on me, and said I'd need to move my camp. So next day I moved my camp a short distance and discovered this lovely little spring (though my designation appied to this little seap of water might be incorrect, as their may be a different source for this water flowing from the ground than the deep earth). Had set a granite lingum stone and a poplar branch trishul up in the circle of trees where I was camped, so only placed a small lingum in the "Swamp" as I've come to call this little haven. Built a two-person bench out of some scrap wood I found, and a meditation seat out of three granite rocks as legs and a larger trianguar/diamond shaped rock for a seat, complete with custom woven cattail mat to make lotus (or half-) a more pleasant sit. Though I haven't seen any frogs yet, I have heard them croaking--an encouraging sign considering the toll pesticides have had on amphibians here (nearly wiped out the Wyoming Toad). Haven't seen any faeries yet either, but that doesn't mean they haven't discovered this magical little spot. Did spy a male yellow warbler sipping from the upper pool, and of course the mosquitoes just love the place--thank goodness for dhoop (incense) and citronella!! Thinking about getting some citronella grass to plant by the spring, as well. Though it seems I'll likely not be making it to the National Rainbow Gathering out in Pennsylvania this year, at the least I got a spot to meditate in the meantime, and some semblance of natural beauty to behold whilst I linger in Laramie a bit longer. May my brothers and sisters and friends at the Gathering be blessed, and the rest of ya' not fortunate enough to make it to the Gathering of the Rainbow Tribe be blessed too. Please keep in mind (or perhaps join in from where you are) that at sometime around noon EST on the Fourth of July, upwards of fourty thousand souls will be intoning the sacred syllable ॐ (pronouned "AUM," from whence are derived both "amen" and "amin") with a wish for world peace and justice. (btw, if any locals or people passing through wanna know the whereabouts of this secret meditation garden, just ask . . . is there for respectful use by all and any so far as I'm concerned)

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