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Monday, November 22, 2010

Jay Z, ThinkMTV, Water for Life and Celebrities Using Fame Like They Oughta, YO !!!

Haven't watched much MTV since, well, prob'ly since the eighties when it was mostly music videos. On the occasion of stayin' in a "hotee" this night ("hotee" is road dog speak for hotel/motel, a celebratory occasion for those who usually sleep in a car or in whatever available patch of trees, downtown rooftop or abandoned building), whilst surfing the channels--nearly doubling over laughing at an infomercial for dildos, something even eighties MTV did not predict--I came to Jay Z bringing awareness to young people about the plight of so many children who have no access to clean water, and to efforts to give access to this basic human need to some of the millions without. This is exactly what those with such celebrity capital, as well as those like Bill Gates with excessive money, oughta be doin' with all that flow, ya' know!

See, there ain't nothin' wrong with having dough, nor with living reasonably comfortably, nor with being famous, so long as you use what you got to make things better for others, too. The evil in money is in not sharing it when you got it, and the evil in Hollywood fame or other noteriety is in not using your influence to bring attention to issues like lack of clean water, basic human needs unmet in a world of excessive wealth, environmental ills, etc. This oughta be common sense, and indeed many in the Hollywood community and music biz' and other positions of fame, as well as many with otsa cash do indeed do lend their time and energy, celebrity status and bank accounts to make a difference.

So cheers, kudos, and hooray to those who, like Mr. Jay Z, do what they might to help those in need and to draw attention to the issues need real attention, like clean water, nutrition, clothes and shelter and the plight of our environment. Those be the folks in show business and with billions to whom I can say namaste without reservations, no doubt !!!



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