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I am a mystic madman, a wandering wildman, scholar of esoterica, dilettante sadhu, dready-headed hippie (only have a few jata on the back of my head right now, though more be forming of this third set of knotted hair), gentle yogi, fierce foe of falsity. I was a preacher, but I renounced that. I was married, but she renounced me. I was a grad student at one of the top universities in the world on my way to becoming a professor, but I realized they taught lies there too. I am protector of souls, lover of mountains, smoker of herb, fond of hot springs, oceans and lakes and rivers and rain and sunshine, devotee of Devi.

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Monday, May 2, 2011

Cranes in the median, and truly green buildings . . .

Saw a pair of sandhill cranes grazing next to a stripmall and in the midst of stripmalls, fast food and box stores along the highway. Not to by any means justify the proliferation of such centers of consumer decadence, but to note the resiiance of nature, which will continue if and after human "civilization" falters and falls into decay . . .

If they gonna build a mall, make 'em put the forest they cut down on the rooftop, with a ramp for wildlife to climb to the forest's new elevation !!! If they gonna build a high-rise, make the architect design terraces spiralling around and up the building with gardens and a graywater retreival system including a creek flowing down the spiralling terraces around the outside of offices and condos, providing habitat for birds and small mammals, and maybe some reptiles and fish, too, as well as a healthier environment for workers and city-dwellers. A green roof park on top, too, of course. A this would also clean the air, absorb CO2 and other pollution, and absorb the heat pockets cities create, as well as providing natural insulation for these buildings, cooling them in summer and holding in heat in the winter. Perhaps to some extent glassing in the terraces in winter in colder northern climates, with pathways for widlife to enter and exit, carefully engineering the airflow to allow said means for keeping nature and humanity in touch and connected. Healthier for environment, healthier for humans.

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