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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Is Our Collective Mind Manifesting Global Warming?!

Mind over matter...my mom used to use that phrase alot.  Though she lost the bout to cancer, I have very much considered the potency of that notion and ontological understanding in my musings. In my hippie wanderings and cohorting with magical people for many years I have learned the power of mind and Mind, and as any group focusing intentions/"praying" can attest, mind and intention can be exceedingly powerful in relation to "manifestation."  Belief is sometimes even more important than so called "scientific principle" in determining what is true and real and what are the mechanisms of causality, as experiments related to Heisenberg's principle of uncertainty have indicated well enough.
With the aforementioned in mind, I must wonder how much it might be that the collective hype about global warming is actually causing global warming.  If the majority of a population believes a certain supposed fact, by the theory of "synchronicity" a la Jung, that "fact" would become more likely to prove "true."
Now please don't get me wrong...I am pleased with the overt fruit of global warming hype, i.e., the world is moving towards sustainable and environmentally friendly energy production. Hooray!! Hoorah!! Nonetheless, if by our fear of a super-heated earth we manifest such, we are not doing ourselves a favor by said misconception of natural history. Thus I point to the Oronteus Finnaeus map of 1531/2 and the Piri Reis map of 1513.  If Antarctica has been largely ice free in recent human history, as these maps indicate, climate science is obviously very mistaken in some of their basic premises.

Indeed, science and global warming hype have thus proffered a lie or at least a very faulty theory to the public, and thus to the manifestational faculties of the collective consciousness. I am a foe to falsity, and I quite abhor lies generally, and especially when the misconceptions proffered promote ills. I am grateful that global warming hype is making the world turn to sustainable and environmentally friendly energy production, as I noted. I am not pleased that that false prophesy may prove self-fulfilling if we believe that misconception too much for too long.  By giving too much power to fear and falsity, we might just be making what we fear manifest.  TRUTH is the only solution!!!! (. . . despite misconceptions sometimes bearing good fruit)

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