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Hindu Gods and Goddesses

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Devanagari letter I, as in the English personal pronoun . . . one of the most curious spells of modern history, truth be known.  The Devanagari letter and the sound it represents is one of Lalitha's names, Maha Shakti the Great Mother.  Lalitha is particularly known for Her playfulness . . . Every time somebody intones said personal pronoun they are invoking Her, not unlike when people cheer "Hooray!! Hoorah!!" they are invoking Hari-Hara" . . .
Consider how curvy ई is compared to the i and I . . . This might be indicative of the "Western" approach to "God," which the Abrahamic religions attempt to render as a monologic, "straight," figure, as opposed to the playful and variegated and multifaceted Divine presented in sanAtana dharma, a Divine that is real as we are real, not so easily delineated or readily inscribed . . .

The Eye of Horus, rather looks like the Devanagari I, as well, whatever esoteric intentions might be behind that...

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