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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

We Are Not God's Children !!! (With a very few exceptions)

One of the more bizarre little revelations or startling religio-cultural-historical discoveries I've made in my inquiries into the religions of the world led me to the conclusion told in the title, that there are significant reasons to eschew the idea that we are God's children. I came to the above seeming stark conclusion via an analysis of a particular and rather peculiar cultural artifact.

The Hebrew right of circumcision, attributed by the Judeo-Christian tradition to Abraham, is likely derived from or somehow related to one Hindu myth that tells why Brahma is not much worshiped in India. According to the myth, Brahma, the Creator, was Himself created by Brahman, the Universal Divine Self. The Creator was birthed from the bellybutton of Vishnu. Early in the process of creation, Brahma the Creator got bored or lonely or whatever and so created this hotty, all Weird Science style, whose name was Shatarupa. So then he started to lust after this beautiful woman He had created, and even grew a “fifth head” to continue to gaze upon her when she sought to evade His lustful gaze.  Well, Shiva (The Destroyer), who is Brahman/“God” (as is Vishnu the Maintainer, the Fellow who birthed Brahma out of His belly button), showed up and said something to the effect of:

“Yo Brahma!! Here's the skinny on that: that sexy mama you did manifest . . . You directly created her, so that girl's your daughter!! Therefore, my good Sir, you cannot lust after nor fuck her, a'ight?!” said Shiva, if perhaps phrased rather differently, and He then severed Brahma's fifth head with the tip of His little fingernail.
Shiva normally severs heads that need to be parted from bodies with a trishul (trident) with three big blades, so why did He use His pinky fingernail? It must have been a rather small head which Shiva did cut off of Brahma, perhaps a “fifth head” that grew erect upon Brahma gazing upon Shatarupa that Shiva did cut off with His pinky finger nail. The Hebrew Patriarch Abraham has been noted as somehow and in some guise related to the Person of the Creator Brahma, Abraham's wife Sarai to Saraswati and handmaiden/co-wife Haggar to Ghaggar, a tributary to the Saraswati River of Hindu myth.

What I am implying is that the Hebrew rite of circumcision is essentially an incest taboo rite, as derived from the mythology of Abraham's forefathers, whom the Bible does tell “worshiped other gods”; and corollary to that, it is to be noted that if you directly create someone, that person is thus your child, and therefore not someone to be related to as an object of sexual desire. This is one of many subtle clues to the apparent ties that do abide between Abraham, and thus the Abrahamic religions, and the religion of Abraham's ancestors (who were essentially what has come to be known as Hindus—a term less than a thousand years old for a religion much much older), hints of myth and meaning to be considered from between the lines of a rather ancient genealogy of culture and religion that tell of both God's Potency and Desire, and of how human traditions are derived from and expressed in such ancient archetypal constructions and perhaps even historical events, acts of the Gods.

Both Vishnu and Shiva (God the Maintainer and God the Destroyer) are well enough known for their respective sexual exploits, as Shiva is worshiped as the linga (phallus) and is wellspring of male virility, and Vishnu as Krishna is known to have made love to ten-thousand women all at the same time exactly as each would wish to be made love to, and is married to the Goddess of Beauty and Wealth who is also Goddess Mother Earth. If those many women God Brahman (and men who Goddess Brahman, Uma Himavati and other Avatars of Her) had made love to were “God's children,” God would be an incestuous creep!! Thus it might be accurate to state, “We are the Creator's children,” but it is definitively inaccurate to state, “We are all God's children.” Part of the reason for the Creator being in some guise separate from the Universal Divine Self is to allow the Divine and humankind to realize even  the intimacy of transcendent lovemaking whilst maintaining integrity in relationship and the bounds of Rta, Sanskrit root of the English word “right” as in universally correct.

Brahman (God) has certainly procreated, i.e., God does have some children whilst incarnated in various forms, though only a handful, including Kartikeya, Ganesha, Jyoti, twins Cush and Luv, Ashoka Sundari, Manas, and Ayyappa, also known as Shasta (who I believe to be the true identity of Jesus Christ, by the way, as I've mentioned in other posts), and perhaps to be included are the 160,000 children of Krishna. I would posit that God Brahman created the Creator Brahma so He/She could enjoy creation, and so creation could enjoy Him/Her. It is also much more accurate to state “We are/I am God” than to state that “We are God's children.” And in fact it is the goal of many millions of Gopis, devotees of Krishna, to be born as beautiful women so Krishna will make love to them just the way they truly desire, so were they in truth “God's children” God would be incestuous, which He/She is certainly not!! and in fact by careful and thoughtful design. and in fact by careful and thoughtful design to manifest and maintain an integrous reality. The arrangements of reality are sat-cit-ananda, righteous-mind-bliss, and those basic motives and righteous patterns that guide humankind are expression of the Divine that we all, in truth, are, and which do keep human societies and the Divine array and subtle workings of reality together.  The proper term for Hinduism is sanAtana dharma, which translates loosely as "keepin' it together forever."  I do assert these truths because, well, God likes to get laid too, thank you very much!! and some devotees want God to fuck them, too, so . . .

Namaste, kids!!!

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