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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Imaginings, Musings and Atlantis

I try not to stretch the truth in the least when considering subtle connections and clues to the hidden history of our world, and likewise do my best to critically examine my personal "paranormal" and "psychic" experiences to balance an admitted want to discover the hidden and beautiful magic of this experience of living on earth. If I have experienced an "anomaly" or instance of "supernatural" whatever, I want to utilize every analytical tool I might to rethink my renderings to be certain I have not let my imagination take too much liberty with my senses.

The sketch shown above displays a central island surrounded by a narrow mountainous island. This is quite like the layout of the Mediterranean island Santorini, and Santorini is a very likely candidate for the "Lost City of Atlantis" according to a very convincing documentary I viewed last night.

I sketched a series of drawings depicting this imagined lost island/continent (I lost the originals) whilst sitting at some coffeehouse or other somewhere out East to occupy my mind and time and to maintain some semblance of sanity amidst many odd and dissettling occurrences and vibrations experienced. I decided to put on paper my ideal lost island continent that would, in my daydreaming, spontaneously appear somewhere in the open ocean to provide a homeland to wild and free hippy sorts and other displaced wild tribal peoples, where we might live off the bounty of the land without the pollution of industrial society (I had not viewed even a single episode of Lost at this point, mind you). I went into much greater detail in my imaginings regarding of this dreamed up mini-continent, but the basic design is as shown above.

I also mused a bit about Atlantis whilst in and near to Atlanta, Georgia, around the same time. Could it be some ancient Atlantean spirit was connecting to my somewhat and sometimes well-tuned psychic antennae as I drew these imaginary ideal continents, something like the dude on Heroes who paints visions of the future? past life recall?

Can't say for sure, but I can say the evidences presented on this program seem more likely to show Santorini's correspondence to Plato's accounts of Atlantis than any other candidate I've seen or heard tauted as possible site of the fabled lost city and civilization. And this aforementioned "channeled" tip inclines me to believe there's something to Santorini and Atlantis, too.

Link to Atlantis/Santorini documentary:

I might also note that the Nazis were very fixated on Atlantis, but a fictionalized version that they claimed existed in the North Pacific. With Atlantis proven as a northern Mediterranean civilization, again this European rendering displays a twist on ancient myth (i.e., the Nazis and Atlantis) used for tyrannical purposes. Of course the Nazis also attempted to coopt the svaztika, a sacred symbol from ancient India to the Americas and elsewhere, and tilted it. Rather emblematic of the complaints I have about what I was taught in school and university, where objective historical research must meet the criteria of establishment dogma, else get rejected as potentially dangerous, filed away in the basement of the Smithsonian or the Vatican or MI5 or some CIA or secret society's bunkers. And often as not that establishment dogma is tilted or bent to meet the official line.

Alright, so maybe I'm exaggerating a tad about the secret bunkers (a tad) . . . but seriously, the sorts of twistings of myth to make "good citizens" the Nazis employed are not too far from the commonly believed lies/propaganda regarding the origins of civilization promoted by university, state, media and church in this nation--"Civics." As one example, consider the designation of Israel (and Jerusalem specifically) as "the Holy Land," granted to said desert-lands by the sea by religious traditions that have not the historical vision to remember or realize that "father Abraham" was likely exiled from his homeland amongst other Vedic priests/kings.

Indeed, I have come to trust my own visions more than much of what fits with official history--and mind you, I was trained as an historian at a Southern Baptist university and then at the University of Chicago for graduate school. In spite of this respectable undergraduate and highly touted graduate school education in the practices of history and historiography, I believe the greater truths of the story are at least as often--and oft more accurately--whispered on the wind, writ in the clouds and on mountainsides, told over and over in the life-cycles of individuals and groups interacting, and granted through visions and dream, than they are concisely written in a book of institutionally sanctioned history. Of course I am not at all claiming researching to reveal the past is useless, just that the versions that make it through the censors are often lacking, and promote "civic myths" as much as the truth of the past.

Consider your dreams, both waking and sleeping, and believe in the truth of your self (though not without some degree of self-criticism), and our Great shared Self, Atman--the truest source of what has been and shall be.

Now as to whether my imagined rendition of some ideal isle was tuned into ancient Atlantean psychic radiowaves, or is merely a moderately interesting coincidence, you are of course free to decide for yourselves. I'm convinced enough: Santorini is where Atlantis was.

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