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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Care For a Chip with that Public Insurance Option?

Though I might be often classified as a "conspiracy theorist," I try to take with a proverbial grain of salt whatever new dark top-secret information is revealed via the internet. This in mind, I do feel the obligation to spread the word about a the potential extreme violation of personal privacy that seems to be included in at least one draft of the heath-care reform bill being offered to congress: widescale computer chip implantation!!!!

According to abovetopsecret.com, a site that does include sometimes veritable and sometimes frighteningly valid information about the grand conspiracies of our world as well as some amount of bunk and bullshit, HR 3200 includes the authorization for the implantation of chips containing not only pertinent health information on the implantee, but also the possibility for tracking functions.


If this site hadn't such strong quotation and citations included in the strand I perused, I might brush this aside as an attempt to derail health care reform and the offer of a public health insurance option. I have yet to be able to verify this information on opencongress.org or any other site with copies of this bill. If true, however, this is clearly an exceedingly startling and obvious move further from freedom and towards the sort of totalitarian society warned of in Brave New World and 1984.

Yeah, even with Obama as President the totalitarian creeps are still at it, and perhaps (and if so, quite disappointingly) in the guise of a trojan horse. Inasmuch as I'd like to be unhesitatingly a supporter of the seemingly best figure to hold this nation's highest governmental office in decades, it seems portions of the agenda have changed little from the fascist laws enacted with the Patriot Acts, and likely set in motion decades previous.

In other words, don't let down your guard just yet, young revolutionaries!! The struggle for justice and freedom continues . . . !!!

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