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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sacred Mountains

I've been thinking a good bit about sacred geographic features these days, perhaps to expand my vision to a span beyond the maddening flow of visions of persons I've known, that hover round my thoughts as I consider Devi and where She might be matched appropriate to me, whether passed by in the past, else gracing the earth with her footsteps nearer to where I sit these days.

To focus on the grand, yet tangible forms of mountains and lakes and oceans spans grants a reprieve from confusions of relationship, loves tumultuous tempest as wild as any gale or hurricane storming through my mind leaves me inclined to expand my thoughts to encompass a seemingly more expansive vista than the sound-byte-like progression of so many faces past my inner and external vision, though in truth, She and those other figures exist there, too . . .

Kailash, shown above, is perhaps the best known locale where She and Her love are known to set up housekeeping.

And this peak is expression of Her, Parvati, and Sacred AUM, too . . .

and this mountain is Her abundance overflowing, Annapurna which speaks in wind and waters flowing and rock solid truth of Durga's blessings of compassion and Mother-love to appropriately nourish those who sit beneath Her greatness, beauty and majesty . . .

This set of three peaks is known as Trishul, and is presence of Him who's Her Lover, in some figurations.

And the above shows a lesser know manifestation of a Trishul, as three mountain ranges as blades, and another as danda, or "staff."

Mount Kilamanjaro, above and below, a nearbye peak called Meru--whether the one writ of in Vedic lore or no . . .

Above and below, two peaks sacred to the Navajo, though said people are more appropriately called Diné . . .

Again going north and west, two chosen of many possible magical mountains in the Pacific Coast region, Shasta and Denali

And almost round the world from the start of this picture show, Fuji in Japan, which is also the name of a particular varietal of apples.

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