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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Winged Something or a Planet or Star . . . and a UFO?

So upon perusing a series of photographs I took when visiting some land I want to purchase, I noticed that one of the photos had an anomalous smudge in the sky. Upon magnifying this section of the photo, I noticed a rather odd figure in the darkening deep blue.

Another photo of the same place I downloaded from the internet had previously drawn my interest, as a particular object hovering above the cliff did not match the nearbye clouds in appearance. Upon magnifying this photo, I considered the possibiiity that the person who took this picture had captured a UFO, if rather more out of focus than the anomaly in the photo I took later.

After discovering the winged figure in the photo, a number of streams of channeled information offered numerous interpretations of what or who this figure was. I must note, that although I am certain that the traditions of sanatana dharma (i.e., "Hinduism") offer a more valid and honest explication of history, human and divine, and in fact encompass the traditions of the Judeo, Christian, and Islamic strands of history (see post titled, "Hidden Origins of the West"), I do not deny that there are valid clues as to the greater story within the texts and traditions of those religions which mimic or are eminations/dispersions of Hindu traditions regarding the Trimurti of Brahma, Vishnu (best known as in America and Europe as Krishna or Buddha) and Siva and Consorts (blessed be the names of Her: Kali, Durga, Parvati . . .). Thus I would not deny that the figure pictured is a winged being known as an "angel" in the English language rendering--though I must note, whether a "good" being or no is by no means certain, as some bits of channeled info have indicated the latter option.

Indeed, depictions of like winged beings have appeared in ancient depictions from Syria and Mesopotamia throughout the so-called Middle East, and are extant in the lore of India, too. As I have continued to maintain, traditions around the world all contain clues to the subtle history of humans and gods and various other beings, and indeed a wild menagerie is evinced and an absurdly twisted tale is woven.

Apsaras flying nymphs of ancient Indian lore

And it could be the figure in the sky is just a blurred star or planet--though the apparition as captured by my digital camera would still maintain significance, regardless of the explanation a rigidly materialistic "scientific apology" might offer. And the UFO might, likewise, be just a cloud.

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