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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Narmada River Musings . . .

So I've read of many a version of myth about the Narmada River, one often less acknowledged than the Ganges, but of similar importance. One I recall was of Mahadeva emerging from the Narmada as one of the bana linga (natural linga stones found in the Narmada River's flow).

Sometimes overwhelmed, I imagine curling up as a linga, fallin' into the river and rollin' with its flow for a time, ya' know? Re-emerge when shit's blown over, ills burnt themselves out, renewal manifests. S'pose I don't have that option, 'cuz too much good work to be done, transformations and beautified manifestations, dances to be danced and sitting to be sat and fires to engage to accomplish great and good movements and purifications . . . so maybe sometime I'll settle for a shower in Narmada's flow.

Another myth of this mystical river reads as follows:
"Young Narmada falls in love with the male river Son and asks Juhilla (a tributary of the Son) to convey her message of love. Juhilla entices Son herself. The disgust and anguish of the lovely Narmada compels her to jump off the western cliffs of Amarkantak. A mere six kilometers from her genesis, the Narmada hurtles down 150 feet at Kapildhara, a gorgeous waterfall." (http://india.mapsofindia.com/culture/indian-rivers/narmada-river.html)

'Tis also said the Narmada came from the sweat of Mahadeva, Siva, Master and Progenitor of yoga, in the throes of intense meditation.


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