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Friday, May 14, 2010

Laramie Spring's Finally Arrived !!! (!?!?)

After a few hopeful false starts, the wind and cold seem abated, the forecast finally seems to agree with my sensibilities--perhaps spoiled a bit by the milder winters I've seen here of late.  Likely at least the only snow likely to fall from here to the mountains be a flurry or two.  Hooray for Springtime!!!  Crabapple blossoms and lilacs should come on soon, and in that order, and soon should be leaves on the big trees.  Wouldn't mind bein' busy with planting and such right about now, but alas, land I've none to till and toil o'er, organically of course.

Yeah, I realize this is high country, not the tropics.  Spent my years growing up mostly in this town at somewhere around 7200 ft. above the big waters and between three-sides of mountains, and full well know the range of summer and winter and spring and fall, dichotomies or presumed opposites which here don't necessarily meet with the truth of the matter, where July can see fractaled flakes fall under a sunny sky--or leastwise up in the mountains east or west, thick pines or alpine tundra, rocks of Vedawoo or Eagle Rock, or down south towards the Never Summer Mountains.  Still I long for warmth and green growing things to flourish.

There are plum trees grow here and are full of luscious lustrous red to black fruit come fall, and smallish to midsized apples too, as well as the ubiquitous crabapples.  I know of a few apricots bear fruit here in Laramie, though a peach tree probably oughtn't be subjected to this climate and altitude.  Currents here are bounteous, and grapes of the hardiest sort should turn a harvest if you're lucky and choose the right spot. There is even a varietal of kiwi fruit's supposed to grow in this grow region that's called Arctic Gold--and you can eat the skin, no less!!!

Tomatoes here require a hothouse, no doubt.  Zucchinis and other like squash do fine, though, and in fact flourish, and plants like broccoli, too.  Also I've wondered about wild rice if the soil and water are just right.  Ah, I'm just dreamin' of diggin' in the funky soil for now (not to mention carving sandstone dwellings and sacred space), as a manuscript little closer to publication means my focus is play as much I must the role of writer, or perhaps better, aspiring author. 

I suppose of many role into which I might be cast in any given schema of those venues I've chanced to happen through, from hippie, hobo or vagabond and mostly yogi mystic freak these days, to of history of once upon a time having been a cowboy and a preacher, and a grad student, too . . . presenting myself for my immediate public face a "writer" or "aspiring author" is not a bad role to portray or receive, if those I meet and onlookers as well might be so kind.  Of course "soon to be published author" would be better still . . .

(NYC trip to find an agent/publisher still pending, I s'pose . . . I 'magine spring's already in full swing there)

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Lisa said...

Good post! I really miss springtime in Laramie. :)