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Hindu Gods and Goddesses

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Glimpse of the Great Drama of these past few thousand years with a view to unraveling the relationships of the three most prominent "Western" religions and their relationship to what has become known as "hinduism" though is more properly known as sanAtana dharma . . .

So as I have amply noted elsewhere (see "Hidden Origins of the West" and "Maybe Columbus Found India After All: Traces of India Amongst American 'Indians'"), the Hindu Trimurti is from whence cometh the three most prominent so called “Western” religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam (as well as most world religions in fact).  Abraham is clearly somehow a derivative of Brahma or Brahmin or some such closely related Sanskrit appellation or group designation.  It has recently occurred to me that the “A” at the beginning of the name of the patriarch of the three aforementioned might have significance ("A" as prefix in Sanskrit as often in English means "not-"), specifically that somehow the fellow was portraying an experiment in being “not-“ Brahma/Brahman/Brahmin . . .
As it is the contention of sanAtana dharma generally that with a view enlightened all is truly Atman/Brahman—i.e., that all that is not illusory is in truth Deva-Devi (God/Goddess), perhaps the three “Abrahamic” religions are an expression of pretending “as if . . .” said contention of Yoga is not valid, as Buddhism contends unabashedly by professing Abrahman (not unrelated to the Buddhist contentions regarding anatta or anatman).  Thus Judaism, Christianity and Islam are attempts to construct “what would God be if God is not what we (practitioners of sanAtana dharma which is root religion to nigh all major religions in the world from ancient European/Asian/American Indian/African, in other words at some point what nigh all our ancestors believed ) thought . . . “  And as it turns out those three religions all end up mirroring/expressing as eminational  expression the religion said movement/migration to the west thought was left behind.  The contention of each of the three are thus rather like children endeavoring to define themselves as separate from parents, and discovering their likenesses or at the least using the terms and concepts of the parent religion and culture.

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Anonymous said...

Yep I see many links here too. I happen to believe Sanskrit is not the oldest form out there but very old. An older form or mother tongue that links Sanskrit to Gaelic, Hebrew, and many Native American terms. If so, what does that mean about standard history?

People and words have histories and many time the people and words get mixed. Yes the bible and the story of even Moses are not much different than of Hinduism. Look at the symbols more than the stories. Two, all three western religions are all astro-religions and use the very same stars to tell different versions of the same event of the sun's path though the heavens.
The mother tongue is something almost lost to use now. Jainism I see is the root to the Eastern side and Druidism is the Western side. Both worlds where once one.
Man I could talk for hours on the links between Hinduism and the bible. The real deal is history as we know it, is a lie and was created to kill of the mother tongue.

Matt D