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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Reiterating Renunciations of Wrong Religion

So I sent letters to all the churches I've been involved with to any degree letters renouncing the confession of faith, baptism, license to preach and ordination and all related accouterments of Christianity.  I sent these a number of years ago, when I was last living in Laramie to attempt to resolve imbalances felt in my proper path.  I included a rather detailed account of the reasons I do not and have not for some time held faith in the Christian religion, including the fact that Abraham and Sarah and Hagar of the Old Testament/Torah were nigh certainly named after Brahma and Saraswati and Ghaggar (a tributary river to the Saraswati), Krishna was the basis of the Christ mythology/story, and that Islam inadvertently hails Shiva and Kali/Uma/Parvati . . . i.e., the Hindu Trimurti is the template for the Abrahamic religions. The below letter of renunciation was sent January 8, 2010 to the church which held the baptism ceremony during which I was dunked:

Jeffrey Charles Archer
PO Box 851
Laramie, Wyoming  82073
First Baptist Church
521 S. Broadway
Ada, OK  82073
Dear fellow humans and truth seekers,
I am writing this letter to let your congregation know that I have formally renounce my baptism, that occurred when I was abiding in Ada, and took place in the baptismal on your premises as Trinity Baptist Church was undergoing renovations.  Since my baptism and ordination, the latter of which I have already sent letters renouncing, I have come to realize that the teachings of the Baptist faith, and of modern Christianity in general, are in many respects mistaken.  I appreciate much of the message of Jeshua ben Joseph, and believe he was very likely an avatar, though not the only avatar (incarnation of a form of divine being) ever to have lived as a human.  I believe that numerous men and women have existed as avatars on this planet to help other sentient beings to meet their good potentials.
I am a trained historian, if somewhat of a dilettante in practice, and have concluded that it is clear that much of the truth of the origins of the Christian faith have been obscured, and in some cases intentionally.  The purported founders of the Hebrew religion, Abraham and his wife Sarah and her maidservant Hagar (touted as the mother of the Arab peoples) were clearly connected to the Brahmins, the priestly caste of India.  Their migration (or expulsion) from lands where practices derived from India’s Brahmin religion led Abraham (or a tribe represented by that name) to adopt a differing set of beliefs, whether led to do so by his own volition or a spirit, emblematic of his rejection of or by his former fellow Brahmins.  The obvious analogy of the names Abraham and Sarai and Hagar, to Brahma (first person of the Hindu Trimurti) and Saraswati (Brahma’s consort) and Ghaggar (tributary river to the Saraswati river on the Indian subcontinent)--records of whom predate the Hebrew, Christian and Muslim founding family led by Abraham--is enough to convince me that much of the true story has been suppressed.
I also believe the symbol of the covenant which Abraham made with his god, the physical violation that is circumcision, is a violation of human rights.  To mangle a child in such a manner is wrong and unnatural.  Do not mistake, I am not an anti-Semite.  I have much respect for all peoples and lifeways, insofar as their customs are not violations of human rights or of what is good and natural.  This rite also clearly is related to a particularly embarrassing myth about Brahma, though I shan't go into detail regarding this, which is recorded in my blog at http://karma-dharma-bhutadaya.blogspot.com in the post titled "One, Two Three, What're we Fightin' For?"
The figure of the second person of the Hindu Trimurti (which translates to “Trinity”), Vishnu, who is also known as Krishna, very much corresponds to “Christ” and the religion that is named after that appellation (though I should note, Jeshua ben Joseph would likely never have been called Christos, a Greek word meaning “anointed,” during his lifetime.  The Hebrew word Messias or its Aramaic equivalent meaning “anointed” would have more likely been the word his disciple answered when asked by Jeshua, “Who do you say that I am?”). 
Krishna’s followers are the Gopis which are the ten-thousand milkmaids he makes love to, very much like the term for Jeshua’s followers “the Bride of Christ.”  There is also a story of which I have been made privy which tell of Krishna having been crucified on a tree and having risen, though I have not as yet done exhaustive research as to the date of this particular story.  Nonetheless, Krishna does predate “Christ’s” advent by a few thousand years.
Siva, the third person of the Hindu Trimurti, wears a crescent moon in his hair.  Islam is represented by a crescent moon, though this symbol is said to be attributed to well after Mohammed’s time.  Uma is one of the names of Mahadevi (“Great Goddess”), Siva’s consort in motherly form.  Ummah is one of the most important tenets of Islam, which means “community.”  Another of Siva’s consorts names is Kalima, a wrathful form of Devi (“Goddess”).  The primary confession of Islam is one of what they term the “Kalimas.”  The Kaaba, Islam’s temple, was previously a temple to Siva and Kalima, and a Siva linga stone reportedly remains within the Kaaba.  I have also recently discovered information indicating that “Allah” without the "h" is one of Durga’s names, another form of Siva’s consort.
These very clear analogies, and the fact that Hinduism’s Trimurti predates the Judeo-Christian-Islamic versions, is enough to convince me that much of the greater story remains to be told, and has in fact been intentionally suppressed by “Western” scholars and theologians, as well as those of other traditions.  I have also found that my incorporation of practices and devotion via certain traditions issuing from India, and specifically Sivite traditions, has proven more commensurate with my true nature, and with what I have discovered as rather more honest than the traditions I was led to believe within traditional Christian dogma.  A very interesting fact most often suppressed by contemporary Christian beliefs is that both Hebrew people to this day and many early Christians believed in reincarnation. 
My studies of many other systems of belief and traditions throughout what is known of human (and divine) history reify my convictions of the fact that much of the truth of the relationships between human beings and divine being has yet to be disclosed.  These and other factors have led me to the decision that it is proper to renounce my having been symbolically made “twice-born” (a term also used to denote the Brahmin caste of India, by the way), as I do not believe that that is my proper path.
I do not wish to utterly deny that much good has come from the actions of Christian peoples (though much violence and evil, also, as by the hands of nearly every sectarian group), and do wish to encourage the members of your congregation to continue to act to do good works to help the needy and to meditate on compassion, kindness, and to search for truth as said endeavor assist you each in compassionate action and to meet your fullest potentials as “gods, made to live as the sons of men” (Psalm 82).  Nonetheless, I feel that I ought to inform your congregation, which was helpful and encouraging to me at a formative period in my life, of these clear evidences that much of the truth has been suppressed, and of the aforementioned factors as motivations to my decision to renounce my baptism.
Jeffrey Charles Archer
Laramie, Wyoming
Similar letters were sent to all those churches with which I had significant interactions or involvement.  I am posting this for the record, as I would wish to present myself honestly and without doubt as to the truth of both my own life and personal narrative and the truth of history generally.

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