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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Accountability and Action

At least ninety-eight prisoners died while in United States custody since "War on Terror" began. Thirty-eight were murders, and at least eight prisoners were tortured to death. Some portion of those thus treated were almost certainly innocent, none of these were given access to legal representation, and not one was given the opportuity to have his case heard before a court of law or a jury. These are not the actions of a just government.

In order to move on, it is necessary to have an independant prosecutor look into the many abuses, and accountability traced to whatever high offices. In order for this land to maintain any semblance of high ground it may have held at various times through the course of history since 1776, those responsible for torturing and murder in the name of this nation must face their due judgements.

I realize the subtler truths of the meaning of meanderings and posturings and policy and politics may be much more than meets the eye of even the most savvy of pundits, and even reach the level of the esoteric and occulted. Nonetheless, crimes of a very serious nature have been committed at a very discernible level, and those responsible ought be fairly and justly judged in a court of law, where international as well as federal laws ought be considered.

Torture is not an acceptible mode of extracting justice by any legitimate government's agents.

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