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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bags Banned . . . A Small Step

San Francisco banned plastic bags from their grocery stores two years ago, and now South Australia has banned non-biodegradable bags, and L.A. plans to remove the littering and wildlife-killing nuissance of the thin plastic grocery bag post-modern proverbially blowing in the wind or stuck to the limb of a tree . . .

. . . or creating a millions of square-mile swirling soup of marine death in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Yes, this sargasso sea of synthetic shame will not be getting any thin-walled logo-imprinted grocery receptacles from at least three major contributors, and let us hope and pray more municipalities and states follow suite, and add other plastic container nuissances from our stores and consumer's unthinking habits to the list of banned polluting plastic shit.


Let us replace plastic from petroleum with hemp and other compostable/biodegradable substitutes at least. Then the fish and birds of the sea only gotta worry about heavy metal pollution and phosphate fertilizers causing toxicity of the seas, as well as overfishing and petroleum spills.

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