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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Shame on the Senate !!!!

The Senate just voted 90 to 6 to deny Obama the ability to close the Guatanamo Bay prison, and to deny the transfer of these prisoners to the United States for fair trials and hearings. What a bunch of shitheads!!!! The many unconstitutional violations of civil and human rights that have been undertaken by the United States government at said institution need to be addressed, and the actual guilt or innocence of each individual needs to be determined.

The original use of the "camp" was to hold Cuban and Haitian refugees, until the Supreme Court declared the detentions unconstitutional in the mid-nineties. Now, a significant portion of the prisoners at the Guantanamo Bay facility who have very likely not truly committed a crime are being held in unconstitutional detention. In domestic murder cases, the defendant is found not guilty around 20 percent of the time. There is obviously much less room for confusion in a domestic trial than on a battlefield, where civilians are quite often confused for combatants. In the case of the prisoners at Guatanamo, it is a safe assumption that more than twenty percent are not guilty of anything worthy of the harsh imprisonment, torture and humiliation they have received.

These statistics alone are enough to warrant the closure of a facility that serves no purpose other than to detain accused combatants without trial. Many of these took up arms only after the United States invaded their homelands. How many of you who do not necessarily agree with the government would take up arms if this land was invaded?

It is time for this nation to not only cease to violate international law, but also to uphold the Constitution!!! These prisoners deserve a fair trial--'cuz some of them are indeed innocent of any crime worthy of such arbitrary and indefinite detention!!

Grasping at straws to justify the Senate's action, the NYT reported that "1 in 7 Detainees Rejoins Fight, Report Found." Now let me ask you folks, if you had been held in isolation, forced to wear earmuffs and goggles that effectively make you blind and deaf, tormented, tortured and humiliated, would you not assume your captors were not rightly resisted? Would you not conclude that they were nigh to the "Great Satan" some extremist Muslims contend? It is a wonder more of them don't return to fight against their oppressors!!!

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