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Monday, April 6, 2009

Obama Notwithstanding, There is Yet Oppression!

Think the days of "The Battle for Seattle" are over?

Check out this recent footage from the G20 summit:


Despite those changes being made by the Obama administration, the oppression of dissent is still to be found even in the (supposedly) most democratic of countries. Even peaceful protesters are routinely corralled and beaten by "riot police."

The World Police State must fall!!! The establishment continues to resist reform, to deny civil and human and constitutional rights, and to fight tooth and nail against those who would see a clean, healthy, just, free and equal society. Those welcomed yet rather slight steps forward represented by the election of Barack Obama are not what is necessary. If we are to secure the sustainability, justice, environmental responsibility, etc., necessary to assure the healthy continuation of human society as we (or some still relatively small portion of the world's population) currently enjoy, MUCH MORE RADICAL CHANGE IS NECESSARY.

This country's electrical needs could be fulfilled by 92x92 miles of concentrated solar plants (fields of mirrors in the desert) (see preceding post). That's no more land than is currently desimated by coal production at any given time.

Biodiesel from algae could replace the die

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