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Friday, April 10, 2009


As a child, I was quite fascinated with wolves, which at the time had no officially acknowledged presence in my home state, despite millions of acres of wilderness. The Native American tribes here and elsewhere did not treat the wolf as a competitor, but as brothers. One of the tribes of my ancestors (the Cherokee) even have a clan named after the wolf, and only members of this clan could keep as pets or kill these majestic creatures, though the wolf has been missing from Cherokee country for longer than they've been absent from Wyoming.

Thanks to the efforts of conservationists, wolves have been returned to Wyoming, Montana and Idaho, but now face the premature delisting of this species as Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar has again reversed the reversal of the delisting of wolves from the Endangered Species list. In other words, they now face the threat of up to 1,000 out of less than 1,700 being killed.


To allow the wolf to almost reach slightly sustainable numbers, then to cull over half the population is absurd!

Ranchers have nothing to complain about, as the conservation group Defenders of Wildlife and others have been amply compensating any livestock losses that are due to wolf predation.

There is no reason this species should not be allowed to repopulate many more of the wild regions in this state and others. It is only anachronistic prejudice and ignorance that want to see this scarcely recovered species once again pushed to the brink. Many sportsmen and ranchers agree.

Please take action and sign the petition (link to petition sight below) to ask President Obama to stop the premature delisting of the grey wolf and/or call the White House to stop this irrational reversal of this endangered species success story before delisting commences on May 4 of this year.


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