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Monday, April 20, 2009

Battle in Seattle

Though I did not make this call to Seattle to protest the injustices of the WTO and the continued exploitation of the poor nations of the world that were (and still largely are) the practices of the World Trade Organization and the "multinational corporations" which that organization mostly serves, my spirit was in tune with the protesters. Watch the trailer below, watch the movie, help change this world!!!


And some real footage from Seattle 1999 . . .

Though this was a whole ten years ago, the issues these protestors were peacefully standing up about (or in many cases, sitting for) are still issues today. Multinational Corporations continue exploiting the poor (and to an overtly lesser degree, exploiting the middle-class). Oil companies displace indigenous peoples and leave once free and self-sufficient people in shanty towns, stripped of land, cultural integrity, freedom and health so said companies can destroy the environment to get at oil underneath the earth, so you can drive your gas-guzzling SUV.

These videos also show the sorry state to which "freedom" in this land has come to. The Constitutional violations apparent in these videos are startling, yet the authorities were not called to answer for their criminal actions against peacefully assembled citizens.

We have a new President, and though many of his policies are certainly a step in the Rta (proper) direction, much needs to be done to balance the wrongs done by this nation's government, as well as many other organizations who have promoted the exploitation of the poor in favor of the rich.

What can we do as individuals? Live conscientiously. Think about what you buy, and about the impact of your lifestyle on others in this world, and make what changes will better--if only at a tiny level--the socio-economic and environmental balance of this world.">

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