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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Former President and WWII General Warned of the Dangerous Military Industrial Complex

Why has this nation made pretense of seeking to bring peace to the world, whilst continuing to sell weapons to the worlds nations? Quite simply because the economy has become addicted to the manufacture and distribution of guns and tanks and warplanes, etc.

Even one of the most revered generals of WWII--and later President of the United States--warned of this, as the United States had built up an armaments industry of unparalleled proportions to meet the challenge of Nazi and Japanese aggression in the 1940's. These companies continued to make and sell weapons after WWII, and the government has played along with these "special interests" that do little except to encourage wars and suffering, and to create new problems the U.S. military "must resolve" as a result of the military industrial complex.

Check out Eisenhower's parting words at the end of his second term as President . . .


It's time to cut the U.S. military industrial complex, and replace lost employment with environmentally friendly and peace-promoting opportunities. It's time for radical change to our way of doing business.

Why not build hospital ships instead of warships? Why not convert high-altitude bombers to drop guided relief packages where relief workers cannot reach those suffering from disaster, such as in Burma, as the government would not allow international relief efforts after the typhoon that caused so much suffering amongst rural peoples? Why not build an enhanced Peace Corps to replace military employment?
Why not cut the Pentagon's 600 billion a year budget, and give at least half of that money to the Peace Corps and other like organizations?

Let the government know the business of war is out, and the business of peace and compassion is what we want our nation to export!! Write your representatives and vote for those who will help these changes to become reality!!

शन्ति शन्ति शन्ति (shanti--"peace")

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