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Monday, June 22, 2009

China's Beats America in at Least one Environmental Policy

If you have been keeping up with my blog posts, you ought to know I have a big issue with plastic bags. Though I will admit to using (and then re-using) plastic bags to some small degree (as alternatives are generally unavailable here and I am exceedingly poor--I mostly use grocery bags for trash bags, and try to atone for this use of a major polluter by picking up Safeway or Walmart bags whenever I chance notice one dangling in a tree or floating by on its way to kill marine life), in general in our world they are a terrible pollutant, as the massive swirls of plastic trash in the Pacific attest.

Well, of all the nations to be a leader in anything environmental, China has banned these hazards to marine life and major non-biodegradable litter nuissance, and has reported a 66% decrease in the use of plastic bags!

For whatever can and should be said regarding China's excessive use of extremely polluting coal-fired power plants, at least they have made a move to eliminate one significant source of wildlife harming pollution by reducing the use of the plastic bag.


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