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Thursday, June 11, 2009

FDA and Big Tobacco

The Food and Drug Administration has just been given the power to regulate tobacco, as well they should be. I just hope they use that power to deal with the real issue of what causes cancer in tobacco users. It is not anything intrinsic in the plant, and though some of the additives that some of the tobacco companies put in their products may be carcinogenic and should not be allowed, those may not be the most significant cause either. Indeed, according to research I have done, it seems the primary culprit is the RADIOACTIVE FERTILIZERS that are used on tobacco crops.

A few years ago, the assassination of a Russian journalist in England made the headlines. His assassins used the highly toxic and radioactive element Polonium to kill this vocal opponent to Putin and the Russian mafia. Upon reading an article or watching a news report about the nature of this poison (can't recall which), it was noted that the only means through which people are normally exposed to significant amounts of this element (which is actually present in miniscule trace amounts in most soils) is through tobacco use.

I did a bit further research and discovered that the Polonium gets into the tobacco by means of the phosphate fertilizers used on the tobacco crops, that is acquired from crushed apatite minerals (which makes rather lovely crystals, by the way).

As these fertilizers are applied to the soils, the tobacco plants absorb high levels, which are then transmitted to the tobacco user.

Polonium maintains high levels of Alpha radiation, which unlike the more familiar type of poisonous radiation, Gamma radiation, Alpha radiation cannot easily be absorbed through the skin. Once Alpha radiation gets into your system, however, it reeks extreme havoc, causing cancers at very small levels.

As it turns out, the tobacco industry knew about this hazardous chemical in the fifties when the use of such fertilizers was on the rise--and correspondingly, so were cancer rates among tobacco users. And though these companies have at their disposal the means to remove said toxic element from the fertilizers, they ceased any such endeavors because of the cost. Of course a simple and the correct solution would be to grow organic!!

Anyhow, I am not advocating that anyone pick up smoking--even of organic tobacco--except perhaps via the respectful and reverent Native American Indian tradition, which views tobacco use as sacred, and proscribes very specific rituals in the use of tobacco.

Even pure, organic tobacco may still cause emphazima, and as tobacco constricts blood flow, it can still contribute to heart attacks and strokes.

I am stating the fact that now that the FDA has the ability to regulate the production and distribution of tobacco, it is the responsibility of said agency to stop the use of these radioactive fertilizers on tobaccco . . . and for that matter, to stop the use of said fertilizers on FOOD!!!!!

Yet again, our ancestors had it right regarding plant production: LOCAL AND ORGANIC!!!

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