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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

In Defense of Women's Rights--Let Them Be Veiled If They Wanna

I have often heard self described feminists and bigoted people alike decrying the Muslim custom of adult females wearing burqas, i.e., loose covering clothing, head cover and veil.

While I would certainly agree that the compulsory wearing of a veil is an injustice, by the same token I can quite convincingly argue that for a woman to be forced to wear something covering her breasts is a similar injustice.

For many women of the Islamic faith, wearing a veil offers a sense of privacy and security and dignity.

The exceedingly intolerant attitude expressed by French Prime Minister Nicolas Sarkozy, as well as at least one notable Minister in Great Britain is indicative of how far this world has yet to go in terms of basic respect for the harmless choices of individuals who wish to express their faith.

Now as far as my own aesthetic is concerned, I can appreciate woman from fully covered to completely unclothed, and endeavor to maintain respect at all these levels.

Of course I am not inaccurately categorized as a hippie, and go to Gatherings and other such places where naked people walking down the pathway are a common sight, and without any indecencies and with complete respect involved.

Respect is of primal importance, for whatever category or gender of people in whatever state of dress or undress.

(1920's vintage photo)

So if a woman wishes to wear a burqa, or has a want to go naked, she ought to be allowed to do so, with respect expressed on both sides of the equation. Admittedly their are seemingly places where the later is not so safe, and also places where the former is not so safe--both indications of how far our world has to go till human dignity reaches its true potential.

(Woman bicycling in Iran)

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