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Monday, June 22, 2009

The Land's Circulatory System . . . Help Keep those Arteries Clean

The Yampa River in Colorado is in trouble--again!! Though once saved by the efforts of the Sierra Club and others who wish to see one of the western United States' last free flowing rivers remain free, once again mineral and farming interests are seeking to dam or divert this wonderful and beautiful (and rare) free-flowing river.

(Yampa River in Peril)

Though some of this nations rivers are in better shape than they were fifty years ago, as rivers on fire are not so common as they were in those days, their are still threats to the health and purity of this countries once pure and clean waterways.

(River on fire story)

Please write to the appropriate regulatory authorities and representatives to congress to save the Yampa, and to call for the restoration of our nations waters, as well as to pressure foreign governments to preserve and restore their rivers and lakes.

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Lisa said...

Right on brother! Totally agree!